Application Form - Pitching Competition ANIMARKT 2017
We are more than happy to see you here. Before filling in this application form, please read the Regulations of our pitching (you will find it on:
There are some obligatory fields in the form (marked with *) and there are some attachments that we are asking you to send us.

The submitted project has to meet the following conditions:
a) film duration: up to 25 minutes;
b) 80% of the film is a puppet animation;
c) the film must be at the development stage.

If you have any questions, just contact us:

Good luck!!!


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ANIMARKT - event for professionals
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Participants, whose projects have been selected, include complete data and do not infringe upon these Regulations, will receive an invitation for the ANIMARKT event until 10 September 2017 .
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