What are your questions about coronavirus?
Connecticut Public is working hard to cover coronavirus/COVID-19 and its effects on the state. Our reporters and editors want your input and help.

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What questions or concerns do you have about coronavirus?
Has this affected you and/or your family? (For example, have your college classes been suspended, or are you experiencing effects in your community, at your workplace, or at your health care provider?)
What kinds of preparations have you made, if any? Have you changed your behaviors or routines, and if so, how? (For example, are you stocking up on food or staying away from crowded places?)
If you have sought medical care or guidance from a health provider on coronavirus or a related medical issue, what was your experience?
Do you work in the health care field or at a health care facility? If so, please specify your role (can include doctors, nurses, administrators, cleaning staff, food service workers, medical transport, EMS, security, social workers, and others).
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