Memorial Warrior Band Conflict Form

1. Being on time is being in your “correct rehearsal venue” with all necessary materials prior to the official start time as determined by “Warrior Band Standard Time.” The official “Warrior Band Standard Time” is in sync with the digital clocks set throughout the school. Mr. Nitsch’s watch is also set to this clock. You should set your watch by it also. Therefore, to be on time, you must be early. This would include any preparation time you need for your instrument and music, changing clothes, filling water, getting a pencil, travel time to and from outside or another predetermined rehearsal venue, etc...

2. Attendance at all before and after-school rehearsals are mandatory and part of the curriculum for all band classes (see GOOGLE Calendar for times).

3. Attendance at all summer band rehearsals is mandatory and a requirement of the course (see Summer Band Schedule for specifics).

4. Attendance at all performances is mandatory and a requirement of the course. Members not participating in a particular performance may be required by the director, on an event by event basis, to attend. Learning from listening can be just as productive as learning by performing.

5. All absences and tardies will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Mr. Nitsch, with the associate directors’ assistance. Please notify Mr. Nitsch first of any upcoming absence or tardy. Attendance decisions will not be made by Band Leadership Team members. You must speak with a director.

6. Excused absences or tardies from performances or rehearsals will be considered only the following cases when submitted in writing (see also Warrior Band Conflict form) to Mr.Nitsch at least one month in advance:
• Religious Holidays (when notified in advance).
• “Once-in-a-lifetime” family event. (ex.: Sister’s wedding, Grandparents’ 50th Anniversary).
• Student illness.
• Call the band phone or email your director immediately and leave a message.
• Severe personal injury or medical condition (requires Dr.’s notice).
• Death in the family.

7. School athletes must be proactive about handling absences or tardies due to conflicts.
• Students must notify Mr. Nitsch in writing of any rehearsal conflicts at the beginning of the year for fall sports and prior to the start of the season for any other sports.
• With many band students involved in every different sport, the band directors depend on students to communicate openly and in advance to both coaches and directors concerning conflicts.
• With the comparatively few amount of contest performances we have each year, these are rarely excused for athletics practices or games but are handled on a case-by-case basis…so always talk to Mr. Nitsch.
• After school concert band sectionals may require you to leave athletics early one day a week during the spring semester only. Make sure you notify your coaches prior to the start of the spring seasons.

8. If an absence or tardy does not meet the above conditions, prior notification will not result in the absence being excused. Examples include but are not limited to: work, transportation concerns not worked out in advance, non-school sports practice or games, church related activities or trips, your friend’s birthday party, babysitting your little sibling, etc….With 100% of our marching instruction done before or after school, it is vitally important that parents and students actively schedule any doctor, dentist, or orthodontic appointments around our calendar of events. The directors will not excuse absences for appointments except in the case of a medical emergency. During concert season, an appointment during your once-a-week sectional will not be excused.

9. Excessive tardiness, whether excused or not, may result in loss of music assignment or contest spot. Make sure you are present on time!

10. Two excused absences in one week will result in the student not marching in that week’s game. One unexcused absence will result in the student not marching in that week’s game.

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