Agile Tour Bangkok 2021 Corporate Tickets & Sponsor Request
Agile Tour Bangkok is a community-run not-for-profit conference which aim to bring Agile knowledge to the local Agile community in Thailand at affordable price.

To support the community, you have the options of contribution described below with the return of tickets, logo branding, booth, and etc.

For official sponsor request letter with details , you can download from

Please submit your request first and we will contact you soon about payment and event registration.

For more information, please contact
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Sponsor Packages
What's about the Extra Ticket?
If you want to purchase just 12 tickets, you will pay 24,000 Baht for the first 10 tickets 
for Bronze level plus 2 extra tickets at the price of 2,400 Baht each. The total price is 24,000 + (2x2,400) = 28,400 Baht.

If you are a Platinum sponsor, who already have 15 tickets in the package and want to purchase additional 10 more tickets, you can purchase them at 2,200 Baht each. The total price is 78,000 + (10x2,200) = 100,000 Baht.
Select your level of contribution *
Title, Platinum and Gold is no longer available. Regular Early Bird Ticket Price is THB 2,800.
Number of Additional Tickets Purchase
Additional tickets price depends on your contribution level ( 2,200 for Title, Platinum, Gold / 2,300 for Silver / 2,400 for Bronze / 2,500 for Copper)
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Please also note that the financial documents will be issued by Lean In Consulting Ltd. , an Agile66 community partner company.
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