2020 Summer Contract Change Form
1. Carefully read and complete each section of this contract change form.
2. If the original 2020 Summer contract was signed by both parents, both parents must submit contract change form that match.
3. One contract change will be allowed during the summer program at no additional charge to the parent, if a minimum of 10 business day notice is given. This includes contract changes submitted before the session begins. Further contract changes will be assessed a $15.00 charge. When a contract change adds to the enrollment contract plan, payment for the additional fess will be due upon receipt of the contract change form or on the start date, whichever comes first.
4. When a contract change is submitted with less than 10 business days notice there will be a $15.00 charge. This includes changes made before the session begins.
5. Contract changes will be accepted based on site space availability. If we are unable to accommodate a requested change the parent will be contacted regarding being placed on a waiting list.
6. Contract changes will not be processed retroactively.
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If less than 10 business days in advance there will be a $15.00 fee.
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