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Hey there, friend - Laura Knopp here :)
Thanks for taking a few minutes to fill out the questions below. Your answers will help me create the perfect portrait for you!
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Are there any features you want me to pay special attention to? (Ex: wreath on the door, string of holiday lights, bicycle in the front yard, etc.). If so, please share below.
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I love to share my creative process on social media when a portrait is a work-in-progress and/or after it's been completed. May I share your portrait?
If this portrait is a gift and you would like me to include a gift message from you, please share your message below.
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Your timely response will be needed - when you receive your first proof, you will have 48 hrs to let me know if you'd like me to make any edits for your first round of changes. Same for your second round of changes :)
These files are for PERSONAL use only. The artwork is not to be sold or redistributed. Please do not alter this artwork in any way (Ex: no filters, no borders, no text overlays, etc.).
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