Ali's Acapulco Mastermind Application
April 26 - May 2, 2021
Experiential-Testimonial-Marketing Luxury Workation in Paradise
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Ali Empowers Doctors, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs & Experts to Get Your Message Out!
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Ali is The Most Gracious Hostess in The World
Our 8-Bedroom 18,000SF Private Villa in the Most Exclusive Gated Security Neighborhood in Acapulco provides the Ideal Setting For Ali's Transformational Mastermind Experiences for Experts
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Dr. Dana Neacsu: "Share your gifts transform them to $$ In the perfect paradise!"
Pool Temperature: "Perfection"
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Waterfall Grotto Fellowship
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Fitness Expert Maria Angelova: "I dropped 10-lbs of fears this week just because I felt so encouraged & empowered"
Pants Optional
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6. What we do is help people see the Celebrity in themself, to speak and get their message out, to connect with people in ways they never have been able, and to get testimonials about what they do. Ali's Acapulco Masterminds go to the next level and help Experts experience the gifts that each other have, things that will change their life, that we really actually need. These events will bring together a maximum of 12 Experts for 7 days, just like the Sabbath, -- 6 days of fun, 1 day of rest (obviously with fun, and great food!). Each person will get half a day to lead the group and serve with their gifts, with the goal being that all the person will experience the things that they are missing in their lives. Similar to what we do at Celebrity Launchpad, where we send you home with actual TV appearance bookings, at Ali's Acapulco Masterminds every person will actually experience what you do, and with that we help our friends' businesses, have a greater experience of what you are doing, make great friendships, and change our own lives. Once you have up to 12 people who experience what you do, it will be easier to articulate what you do, and you will have actual VIDEO testimonials of what you do within our community.  This is an EXPERIENTIAL and TESTIMONIAL BOOTCAMP where other high-level Experts will help you (from the heart) with your messaging and with your actual process.  Q: WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO YOUR GROUP EVENT? *
HR Expert Dana Davis: "Amazing sessions w/top experts; present & get testimonials that will change your business"
The Wine is Fine, the Weather Fantastic!
7. Tuition for Ali's Acapulco Masterminds is $2995 (or 3 monthly installments of $1095) and includes all Room & Board at the Villa during your entire event. All rooms are double occupancy, and you will be assigned a room-mate according to Ali's legendary match-making skills -- this person will probably become your new BFF! If you are invited to attend a mastermind event with Ali in Acapulco, are you ready and able to commit and invest TODAY? *
Ali's husband, Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur, supports Ali as the Host with the Most in Acapulco
8. Do you understand that the goal of this mastermind is for you to go home with 12 VIDEO TESTIMONIALS from smart, eloquent experts and entrepreneurs who have experienced your “special gift” and are raving about you and what you do on video. These same experts, many of whom have been trained by Clint Arthur in his marketing methodology, will help you to refine and enhance the messaging about what you do. People often see you differently than the way you see yourself, and can explain you better than you can. *
Waterfall Terrace Breakfast
Ensalada Nicoise
Diabetes Expert Maggie Hunts: "Amazing!"
Bring out your best YOU in Acapulco
Under the direction of Clint Arthur, whose Gastronomic accomplishments include creating and Judging "Battle Butter" on Iron Chef America, Five Star Chef Clients including Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsey, Daniel Boulud, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Joel Robouchon, Charley Trotter, and Charlie Palmer, and serving as President of the Jean-Louis Palladin Foundation (part of James Beard Society,) our dining room is the finest restaurant in Acapulco.
Bountiful Watermelon, Celery, and Lime-Cucumber Juices provide a healthful detoxifying gourmet experience as part of your mastermind, served graciously by our sublime staff.
We Cater to Your Every Nutritional Need
Ali is "The Nicest Person in the World, and the Smartest Woman You Will Ever Meet"
Author Dana Lam: "If I only got those 2 pieces, I would have gotten my money's worth"
Grilled fish, Portobello Mushrooms, Risotto
Everything is House-made, including yummy Coconut Flan
85F, Sunny, 80% humidity, EVERY DAY
You Will Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
Bring your favorite bathing suit!
Freshness Served Daily
This is the Spirit of Ali's Mastermind
Acapulco's Magical Natural Environment, Especially Shines by Starlight
Our Lobster Feasts are Legendary
Why is Elise Chastaine Grateful?
Why is Janie Becker Grateful in Acapulco?
Healthy eating never looked so good.
Looking forward to YOUR Arrival!
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