Thank you for your interest in fostering for Nine Lives Foundation. Please complete and submit this application to be added to our kitten/cat foster database.

The application is the sole property of the Nine Lives Foundation and will be kept on file.
All volunteers are accepted and serve per the approval of our on staff Veterinarian.

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To help us to determine which foster cat(s) will be most compatible with your home and lifestyle, please answer the following questions as completely and candidly as possible.
Are you willing to spend the time and share the space to properly care for this foster animal? *
Shelter animals sometimes have been in neglectful and/or abusive situations and therefore may experience difficulty making the transition to a foster home. Are you willing to be patient while the animal adjusts to the new foster home? *
What type of residence do you live in *
If "other" residence, please describe
How long have you lived there? *
Do you rent or own? *
If you rent, does your lease allow pets?
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List all members of your household and the ages of anyone under 18 *
Do you currently have any pets? *
Do you currently have any fosters? *
Please list all currently owned or foster pets (include all species--large or small) *
Are you or anyone else in your household allergic to pets *
Have you ever cared for: *
Young Kittens
Injured/Sick Cat
Special Needs Cat
Please list any prior experience working with animals *
Do you understand that you must keep your fosters separate from your own cats for the well being of both? *
Do you have an area in your house to confine foster animals? *
Please describe the area *
How many hours per day will you be away from the home, or how many hours will the animal be left alone? *
Fostering infant kittens, litters, or cats recovering from illness requires a time commitment of 1-8 weeks or more. How many consecutive weeks are you prepared to are for fosters? *
Are you familiar & comfortable administering medications? *
Would you object to having someone from Nine Lives Foundation check in on the fostered animals in your care from time to time? *
Do you have transportation readily available for picking up rescues and/or visits to the vet? *
Are you willing to bring the animal to NLF events to promote the animal's adoption? *
I am interested in providing foster care for: *
Mother with a nursing litter
Newborns requiring bottle feeding
Young, self-feeding
Injured or sick
Responsibilities as a foster provider
Once a pet is placed in a foster home all that is required of the foster family is to provide food, litter, shelter, and all the love and attention you can give each cat/kitten. The Nine Lives Foundation assumes all responsibility for veterinary care, to include immunizations and routine medications, as well as emergency veterinary care. All arrangements for veterinary care must be made with the Nine Lives Foundation before the pet is treated.
Please provide two references (one Veterinarian and one non-family member):
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I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I understand that omission or misrepresentation of facts called for is cause for denial of fostering animals. The Nine Lives Foundation reserves the right to refuse any foster care applicant. *
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