Scan-Agile 2017 call for sessions
This is the place to submit session proposals for the Scandinavian Agile Conference 2017!

The conference will take place on March 2 in Wanha Satama, Katajanokka, Helsinki.

Speaker *
Your name, usually. If you have a co-speaker then both names would go here, e.g. "Olli Pietikäinen and Jorge Baldeon".
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Speaker's email address *
This is how we contact you, so please make sure that you enter it correctly. For multiple speakers, one address per person.
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Link to elevator pitch *
Please record your elevator pitch as a video or podcast (1-2 minutes) and post the link here (e.g. media file on Dropbox or Google Drive, or a private link to Youtube).
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Title for your session *
Use a relatively short, and focused title. Use humor or contrast to make the session title more shocking and attractive. Ideas: "17 ways to avoid sucky standups", "How to tame a manager", "Product exploration for fun and profit", "Standups are dead!"
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Summary of your session *
Who is this session for? What need, problem, or question do you want to address? Add links to blogposts or TED talks or YouTube clips if you have done this before.
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Type of session *
How would you categorize your session? Is it a presentation, a workshop, a discussion, a case study, a lightning talk...? Explain what you want to do. (Lightning talks are 7 minutes in length, and speakers will receive a 50% discount on the ticket price.)
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Other info about the session
Let us know if you have specific needs that we should prepare for when organizing your session.
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More speaker information
We would be happy to get a brief bio and information such as your phone number, Twitter handle, blog address, SlideShare, Lanyrd etc. This is to get a backup way of contacting you, and to get a better grip on your experience and speaking style.
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