Bally Vae Schooling Show Series
$40.00 per Dressage Test. Entries must be completed Electronically, including payment and received before/on closing date. ($25 late fee).

BEFORE closing date - minus a $15 office fee. NO refunds AFTER Closing date.
Show Cancellation- Full refund. No credits.

Entries MUST include electronic copy of horses Coggins dated within 12 months of date of show, Flu/Rhino w/in 6 months and annual releases.

Only Complete Electronic Entries will be scheduled.

Rides will either be scheduled back to back or with one ride in between.

Riders are responsible for being at the competition arena ON TIME and may lose their ride at the discretion of the judge if they are late to the arena. There will not be a ring steward.

Please note on your entry form if you are trailering with another horse/rider or trainer group so we can schedule you together.

Time requests are taken but not guaranteed. Must be requested before closing date.

Facility Use:
Face masks to be worn at all times. When mounted riders may choose to not wear masks.

Please practice social distancing.

CLOSED: All barns and observation room.

Competitors may move between the parking area, the indoor arena and the competition arena.

All tests will be ridden in a large arena.

Please bring your own water (for yourself and your horses).

Riders are permitted only 1 person at the arena as a groom, parent, trainer or support staff.

Minors must also have a guardian present. All persons are asked to social distance as much as possible.

No Spectators.

If you are sick or do not feel well, do not come. Monitor your temperature and know your symptoms.

Entrants and anyone with entrants that do not follow our guidelines and any additional local, state or CDC guidelines will be asked to leave the property immediately. Entry fees will be forfeited, scores will not be recorded.

Riders will be issued a number but no numbers will be given out. Riders may make their own numbers or ride without. Please identify yourself to the judge when you are due to ride.

Ribbons awarded per the Danish System.

Ride times will be posted on and Bally Vae Farm Facebook Page on the Thursday before the show.

Payments can be made at:
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