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Was there enough support provided for first-time delegates?
Do you recommend we prepare anything differently for beginner or experienced delegates?
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Did your advanced delegates feel challenged during committee session?
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What made using the registration system difficult for you?
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How did you feel about the press conference?
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How was the 1 detailed topic + crisis system?
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Venue: Hyatt
Quality of Secretariat
Dais Staff (Procedures and Knowledge)
Dais Staff (Fairness on calling delegates, impartiality)
Debate Quality
Delegate Fee (Value/Accessibility)
Delegate Diversity
Committee Topics
Committee Size
Delegate Security (Risk management, security procedures, room checks procedures)
Overall conference professionalism
Overall Impression
Next year, we are considering moving the delegate social during the afternoon on Saturday and adding an extra committee session on Saturday night so students go from their committee room directly to their rooms. What do you think?
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What were your favourite aspects of the conference?
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What were your least favourite aspects of the conference?
Also, how do you think we can improve on them?
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Is there anything that ConnectMUN or CGYA can do for Sponsor Teachers to help you do your jobs more efficiently/enjoyably ?
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Do you have any other comments for us?
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