Angie Smith's Exploratory Survey
As a candidate for Board Trustee, I am seeking a comprehensive understanding of what the current education issues are in your eyes. The opinions you share on this short survey are truly valuable to me, and I hope to reflect and respect the shared values of our community as Board Trustee. Thank you for sharing your opinions with me.
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Describe what you love most about our school district
What changes do you want to see in our school district? In other words, what makes you mad or passionate? (This will help me to determine what the current issues are)
What do you expect of the School Board? Are your expectations being met by the current Board of Ed, why or why not?
Are there other thoughts you'd like to share or questions you have for the candidate?
You get three votes for school board. Who are you planning to vote for and why?
What school are you or your kids affiliated with?
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