Participants Call
- After the participant call is closed the National Contacts will get in touch with you in via video call
and/or live meeting in order to verify the information you have provided.
- Once you get accepted you will receive an email of acceptance that includes the payment details
and method of payment.
- Participation Fees are 250 US Dollars
- Any accepted participant who fails to pay the participation fees ON TIME will be automatically
- Participants who are on the waiting list will also be informed via email. In case of any withdrawal
or disqualification they will be notified of their acceptance and are expected to pay the
participation fees within the specified timeframe.
Email address *
Which team are you applying to? (International if your country is not on the list) *
Photo of you *
Name (as per travel document) *
Surname (as per travel document) *
Nationality (nationality of passport you plan to travel with) *
Gender *
Date of birth *
Age *
Phone number (eg: 00961 000000000) *
Country of residency *
City *
Academic Level *
Profession or Major *
University *
Previous workshops you participated in
Spoken languages *
Did you visit Israel in the past and do you have an Israeli stamp on your passport? *
(Lebanon doesn’t allow entry for individuals whose passports show that they have been to Israel in the past. If you have been to Israel and your passport is not stamped then there is no problem.)
Diet *
Health issues/allergies
Shirt size *
”Diversity” is a very broad term that can tackle all sides of urban life. If you had to create one thing that represents your vision of the theme “DiverCity”, what would you do? *
Upload a small project you prepare to answer the previous question (photography, small video, graphical production, model, collage, text, or any free entry of your choice).This entry is an important factor that will help the management team to determine if you are fit for Byblos‘18
Write a small text not more than 150 words that answers the question “why are you fit to be a participant at MEDS?” *
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