Les Artistes Wedding Ceremony Info
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Bride's name *
Groom's name *
Date of wedding *
Starting time of prelude *
Starting time of ceremony *
Please describe as carefully as you can where the musicians will be set up at your church or other venue. *
Describe this from the point of view of a guest sitting in the audience. For example if you say, "The musicians will be immediately to the right of the altar," then this would mean that a guest sitting and looking towards the altar would see the musicians on his or her right. You might also want to sketch out a diagram and email it to us at terry@lesartistes.com.
Seating of the Families
If you have chosen special music to which the Mothers, Grandmothers, etc. will be seated, please list those people below. List them in the order they will be seated. If you did not select a special piece of music or if you are not doing a formal Seating of the Families, please indicate that below. *
We do not need anybody's proper names - simply identify them by their titles. For example, you could say "2 mothers and 1 grandmother," etc.
Most typical wedding processionals have 2 musical selections: one for the Bridal party and another for the bride with her escort.
Bridal Party Processional: Please list the people who will enter to the music you've chosen for the Bridal Party Processional, and list them in the order in which they will enter. *
Please note that you should list here ONLY the people who will walk down the aisle during the music you selected for the Bridal Party Processional. In most cases, this would NOT include the bride or the Mothers, Grandmothers, etc. (see above and below). Also, sometimes the groomsmen take their place at the altar BEFORE the music begins, and in such case you would NOT include them here, although you should let us know if this is the case. We do not need anybody's proper names - simply identify them by their titles. For example, you could say, "3 pairs of bridesmaids/groomsmen, Maid of Honor with Best Man, 1 ring bearer, and 2 flower girls."
Bridal Processional: please select on option below. *
In most of ceremonies, the Bride walks down the aisle accompanied by her own special processional music after the music for the Bridal Party Processional concludes. In some cases, the bride simply enters after the Bridal Party as music that accompanied the Bridal Party continues.
Include any other special or unusual instructions or explanations regarding the Processionals below:
Contact Person
Please write the names of your Officiant AND the person (bride’s assistant, wedding planner, etc.) to whom the musicians should speak for info on cues, timings, etc. Include cell phone numbers and email addresses. *
Please be sure to include a person to whom to musician should approach if they have any questions about the ceremony (typically NOT the officiant), and make sure that this person is available when the musicians arrive. Some brides enter their own names, but when the musicians arrive, the bride is getting dressed, etc. or is otherwise nowhere to be seen, so the musicians cannot ask her the questions! The idea is to have someone at the venue when the musicians arrive who is accessible and can answer questions about the the ceremony, logistics, etc.
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