National Strategy for Five More Years of Healthy Life Expectancy While Closing the Social Gap by 2035: Call for evidence and solutions (deadline = 9 September)
The All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity is working over the next six months to produce a draft National Strategy to set out what the UK needs to do to meet the goal set by Government of five more years of Healthy Life Expectancy by 2035 (HLE + 5) and at the same time to close the large social gap in healthy life expectancy. This will be published in early 2020. We are very grateful to the many organisations and experts who support our work. A fuller paper setting out our thinking on the key issues is attached.

We would welcome your help, your evidence, your ideas and your solutions by responding to the questions that interest you below and by suggesting other evidence or actions relevant to these goals. Please respond by 9th September and contact Geoffrey Filkin ( or Tina Woods ( if you would like to discuss anything in greater detail. Everyone who contributes will be credited in the final report but there is an option to be kept anonymous if you prefer.

You do not need to answer every question- only those that interest you and/or where you feel you have most to contribute.
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