Traditional Foods Survey
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To begin, please help us learn a little bit about yourself and your community.
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What community do you live in?
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What ANCSA corporation(s) do you belong to?
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Please tell us about purchasing food in your community.
Do you feel like your household has enough access to traditional foods?
What are the primary ways that you access food? Please check all that apply.
How far away is the nearest food store from you? Please choose one option
What methods of transportation do you use to get to the store? Please select all that apply.
Are there foods you would like to purchase, but can't? What factors are preventing you from buying these foods? You may choose more than one response.
What traditional dishes are eaten in your community? Please tell us about them
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In this section, please tell us about your community’s ability to grow food.
Do you or your Tribe have a garden? If yes, what type of garden do you have? Please select all that apply
Do you think your Tribe should focus more on growing its own food?
What help would you need to establish or expand a garden in your community? Please check all that apply.
In this section, we would like to hear a little bit about subsistence practices in your community!
Do you currently obtain food through subsistence through yourself or any other community member?
What percentage of your food comes from subsistence instead of the grocery store? Please select one option.
Has the amount of food that your household has collected through subsistence increased, decreased, or stayed the same in the last 10 years?
If it has changed, why do you think that is?
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How do you feel when you are able to perform subsistence activities?
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What is holding you back from participating in subsistence activities in your community? Please mark as many answers as necessary.
In this section, please tell us about the traditional food culture of your community.
In what ways are foods involved in traditional practices? For example, in ceremonies or community gatherings
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What skills and traditions surrounding food would you like to pass on to younger generations?
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Do you have designated programs or camps to educate youth on these skills and traditions?
This next section asks questions about food security, such as the use of public assistance in your community and your personal access to food.
What does food security mean to you?
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What are the three main barriers to food security in your community? Please select three.
Are you currently using any of the following public assistance programs to receive food? Please select as many as apply.
That’s the end of our survey! Thank you very much for your participation!
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