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Are you interested in working with people in a healthcare setting? Do you live in Sullivan County? Are you available to start working after free training? We need you. Thanks for registering for this amazing opportunity. This free class for Licensed Nursing Assistant training is a $1900 value. Sullivan County is funding this amazing opportunity to help local health care facilities with skilled employees. Lakes Region Health Careers will be teaching this class at Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center in Newport, NH beginning in April. The class will be taught at night - Tuesday and Thursday 6pm - 10pm. All materials are provided. TB Test and HIPPA training required. References are required. Thanks for filling out this application. After registering we will call you within two weeks for a short interview.
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Is there anything that would limit your from working as an LNA after graduation? Transportation, schedule, pay, etc. We may be able to help you overcome barriers to working as an LNA after graduation. *
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Please list two references we can call. Current or past employers are preferred. No friends or relatives. Include first and last name and a valid, working phone number for each reference. References are required. *
When you look at your calendar are you reliably available to attend LNA classes on Tuesday & Thursday nights from 6-10pm? If not please propose other nights that would work better for you. *
Thank you for registering for our free LNA class. Please write any additional questions you may have in the box below. If you would like to send us your resume or email any additional information please email jopalinski@sau43.org please put FREE LNA CLASS in the subject line. Thanks again.
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