2019 Wando Marching Band After School Intent Form
By signing & dating & submitting this form to the Wando High School Band Boosters, you are agreeing to the following rules about the after school program for 2019 Marching Band season:

*It is our desire that the following student remain on the Wando High School campus after
school during the 2019 marching band season.

* We understand that it is the student’s responsibility to report to the Cafeteria by 4:00 pm and check in
with the supervising parent.

* We further understand our child is NOT to be anywhere other than the listed areas from
4:00 pm to 4:30 pm and may not change locations once they have signed in.

* We agree that the Wando Band Directors at Wando High School cannot be held liable if the
named student is not where he/she is supposed to be.

* All students will be required to wear a school ID while on campus.

* Any student found wandering campus will be asked to leave campus and not return
until 15 minutes before rehearsal is scheduled to begin.

* Three referrals from the assigned chaperone and the student will be asked to leave
campus after school.

* This signed agreement will be null and void as of November 3, 2019.

*The school will not be open to students during Concert Season. Please plan accordingly.
Wando High School Policy: “Students must exit the campus by 4:00 pm unless they are under
the direct supervision of a staff member or working in the Media Center.”
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I am the PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN of the child listed above & AGREE to the rules for the Wando Band after school program (Please sign below by typing your name & date). *
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I am the STUDENT listed above & AGREE TO THE RULES for the Wando Band after school program. (Please sign below by typing your name & date) *Please READ the rules above before signing! *
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