CIC Transfer Pathways Grant - LOI Form

Eligibility reminder: In order to be eligible to apply for Transfer Pathways funding, partnerships must meet all of the following criteria:

- The four-year partner must graduate at least 150 students in CIP code 11 degrees annually. - There must be at least 20 students per year who transfer from the community college (or from each community college partner if more than one is participating in the proposal) into CIP-code 11 majors at the four-year partner. - There must be at least 500 students per year at the (or at each, if more than one participating) community college enrolling in  “CS1” (i.e., the first course taken by computing majors with significant programming content, NOT a computing applications course).

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Please indicate the names of the partner schools that would participate in this project (both 2-year/community college and 4-year)

Please describe the current relationship among the partner institutions. We are most interested in understanding how the two (or more) institutions interact and collaborate.

In your response, you may choose to include: 

- How long have formal articulation agreements or other partnership agreements been in place?

- Do you have joint funded positions/offices/programs? 

- How regularly do faculty from all institutions collaborate on curriculum development or alignment?

- How common is “swirling”/ inter-institutional registration (taking courses at both institutions simultaneously/alternating terms as they complete bachelor's) 

- How common is reverse transfer (student earning 2-year degree after completing coursework at 4-year institution)?

- Any deferred/joint/conditional admissions policies between institutions? 

- Are there “competing” goals between institutions? (e.g., emphasis on 4 year graduation rate or associates degree completion as metrics of success)

In what ways is/are the current transfer pathway(s) not working to increase the number of women? Where is the greatest opportunity for improvement/intervention? What data/evidence is leading you to these conclusions?
What interests you about this CIC funding opportunity? What do you hope to gain?
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