Lumineko's Commission Form!
Please be aware that I only take commissions through my Streamtip using Paypal! (Uses youtube/google sign in)

You may submit one or more forms, and I will e-mail you back if I accept! Thank you for being interested in my artwork!

To see what a RAWRvatar is, please see this link!

Examples of Speed Paint description - [SFW, Coco Pommel, Riding a bike] [NSFW, Twilight Sparkle, Magical Insertion] [NSFW, Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle]

To see what Speed Paints are, please see this link!

You must be of legal age in your country of residence if you choose NSFW!

All characters drawn by me are of legal age even if otherwise specified!

Email address
What kind of image? (Check all that apply)
*Backgrounds depend on level of detail. *Layer Comps for different facial expressions, etc
Description of the piece?
(All reference links go here! As well as any other information about the piece! (Speed Paints and RAWRvatars excluded from extra information) For regular commissions please be as detailed as possible! I will NOT edit/fix anything unless it is my own personal error! Thanks!
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