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StandIn Fee: 2,000 vatu
Our standard fee is 2,000 vatu for one job, one time. If the job fails for some reason (e.g. the documents were incomplete) we may consider redoing the job at half price, in our own time.
The standard fee covers collection, standing in line for you, submission of your paperwork, and return. The collection and return locations can be different, but both must be within the Port Vila area as defined on the map on our home page.
Collection and/or delivery outside this area on Efate - or by email from anywhere - may be available by paying a premium. Please call 22411 or just submit this form for a quotation.
After submitting this form you will have the opportunity to pay for your order by Credit Card below. PayPal is available via the link at the bottom of this page (pay in AUD). Otherwise you can pay our StandIn courier at pickup time, by cash, check or credit card. Yes, they can do this with their phones.
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We can offer NO GUARANTEE that the processing of your documents will be successful. Please make sure the paperwork you give us is complete and correct. You are paying us to collect your documents, stand in line on your behalf, submit your material at the processor's counter, collect whatever documents they return, and deliver the results back to you. If for some reason the officer at the lodgement establishment refuses to process your documents as expected, it is not our responsibility. We will endeavour to provide a same-day service, but results for collections made after 10 a.m. may be returned the following business day.
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