Between Private and Public. Workshop by Péter Forgács

An afternoon with Péter Forgács to deepen with him his more than thirty years of artistic work of recontextualizing private footage for his films and installations. How did this artistic path originate and how does a private archive lend itself to reflection on memory? How to interrogate these images today? How to transfigure them from a private and intimate dimension to a public and collective dimension? Which alternate history is possible? To what extent can the filmmaker himself consider himself in a certain way an anthropologist or a historian? Forgács will be asked to answer these questions and to talk about films and installations of such great impact.

🟣 The workshop will be held in English and will take place through a hybrid modality, both in-person (in the Refettorio room, Istituto Storico Parri - max 25 partecipants*) and online (in a virtual room - max 25 partecipants).

The workshop is free. Registration is necessary for both modes. Deadline Sunday, 10 October.

In the meantime, enjoy all the Péter Forgács masterpiece!

All the films of the program Hidden Histories. The Found Footage Films of Péter Forgács are available free and worldwide on MyMovies platform, until 27th October  →
A live screening will be held on Monday, 11 October, with the last two film of the series Private Hungary, Kemény György and Venom – A Diva in Exile. More info here:

*Green Pass required

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