How are the Women and Girls of Sacramento County?
The Blue Ribbon Commission is working to better understand the lived experiences of women and girls in Sacramento County. We welcome your input, insight and understanding about how women and girls can best be served in Sacramento County.

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What are your three top issues or areas of concern for the Women and Girls of Sacramento County? Choose only three.
How are the women and girls of Sacramento County? Please share with us a personal or professional story about you or someone you know. Details are helpful.
Are there resources/programs for women and girls in Sacramento County you think we should know about? Please tell us about any and all of them
The Blue Ribbon Commission is exploring the establishment of a commission for women and girls in Sacramento County. Once established, which of the following could a commission adopt to best address your top areas/issues of concern? Please pick three.
Close your eyes and imagine it is 2025 and there is a women’s commission helping women and girls in Sacramento County be fully empowered. Now think about how we get there. For example: policies, funding, advocacy, vision….
What is needed to get us there that is not in place today?
What would be helpful or necessary to address current needs?
What solutions and strategies will get us there?
Who are the people who need to be at the table?
Who else should we ask to be involved?
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With which gender do you identify?
With which racial/ethnic category (ies) do you identify?
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