Transportation Questionnaire for Fall 2020
To help us prepare for both Budget Cuts and Reopening School in the time of COVID-19 mandated Social Distancing, please fill out this questionnaire.

We are considering changing the start and finish times of the day to increase the safety and supervision of young children by older siblings.

Please click the link below or paste the link into your browser to watch a video from the Superintendent in regards to the information about busing in the Fall and some details about this questionnaire.
In regard to bus access in this time of social distancing: *
If we can only do 1 pick up and drop off location per family, what is your level of inconvenience? *
Extremely Inconvenient
Are you able to drop off and pick up your child(ren) at any of our hub locations (Fuller Street, Maplewood, or Jr./Sr. High)? *
Do you have an older child that provides childcare supervision for your younger child(ren)? *
Would you be interested in short term, at school, childcare for your younger child that would allow them to ride the PM bus home with their older sibling? *
If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, would you be willing and able to pay a small fee (to be determined once need is known) for this service?
Clear selection
How many children do you have in your household that would require School Bus Transportation? *
Please list your children's names and ages below. One per line (press enter/return to move to the next line if needed). *
Example: John Doe - 11
Do you have a thermometer and are you able to take your child(ren)’s temperature(s) at home every day? *
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