2021-2022 Volunteer Application
If you are interested in being a volunteer at OUSD, please complete this application.
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I am interested in volunteering at (check all that apply): *
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Name of school-age children, grade, and teacher name:
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Volunteer Emergency Information
Important: It is essential that all information be provided for the school. Please provide all information requested. All information is confidential and will not be released without permission. This information will be retained for the current school year only.
Please list two emergency contacts (Name, Phone, and relationship): *
Please list any health conditions that the school should be aware of:
Preferred doctor (Name and phone):
If emergency treatment or transportation is required and next of kin cannot be reached immediately, may school authorities use their judgment in calling an ambulance and the doctor listed above, or an alternative, if your preferred doctor is unavailable? *
Expectations and Requirements for Volunteers
Anyone interested in volunteering is required to complete the Volunteer Application Form. These forms must be completed and on file prior to commencement of service. Failure to provide accurate information will result in immediate dismissal.

Volunteers must sign in and out on the appropriate sheet in the school office. You MUST wear a volunteer badge while in school.

As a volunteer, you are to MAINTAIN TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY regarding each student and family.

If you suspect some form of child abuse, observe evidence of child abuse, or the student reports that some form of abuse has taken place; you MUST report that information to the school principal IMMEDIATELY.

Photographs shall not be taken of students without written consent from the child's parent/guardian nor shall any student pictures be posted on social networking websites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Please refer to Policy 4120.09 - Volunteers.
I have read and agree to follow the expectations and requirements of the District as explained above. *
Background Check
For the safety and security of our students, an authorization to conduct a criminal background check is required of volunteers who will be working directly with students. Per school policy - a national background check will be run the first time that you volunteer and then every 5 years following. If you are required to complete the background check form, it will be sent to you to prior to your first time volunteering. A background check must be approved prior to doing any volunteer work for the District.
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