Mount Zion Baptist Church Voter Participation Questionnaire
This is a non-partisan questionnaire aimed solely at helping all those who want to vote be able to vote, and is a project of the Temple Emanuel Social Action Committee in partnership with Mount Zion Baptist Church. Please know that all questions are optional for you to answer. Return to Engage Center or the Church Office, or submit online by February 15th 2020. Contact Min. Keith Funderburk with any questions at 336-207-8603.
2020 Election Dates:
Primary Election : March 3
General Election : November 3
Your answer
Are you currently registered to vote
Do you know where your polling location is going to be in 2020?
Do you have a valid form of voter ID? (Driver's License, Photo ID, Voter ID card)
Do you have transportation to your polling location to vote?
Do you have necessary child care or respite care to be able to go to your polling location to vote?
Are you able to get an Absentee Ballot if necessary?
Are you able to fill out your voter registration form, Voter ID form, or Absentee Ballot without assistance?
If you answered NO to any of these questions would you like information on how WE can help?
If you answered YES to any of these questions would you like information on how YOU can help?
Contact Information:
Phone Number And Email
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Any other questions, or comments?
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