NAVEL Collective Residency 2019-2021 *Open Call*

June 2: Deadline for submitting your application to the Collective Residency Open Call
June 4-June 16: Collective Residents + Applicants + Staff & Board voting period
June 18: Announcement of the selected residents

As a NAVEL Collective Resident, you have access to the following for a period of 2 years* at NO COST:

- Access to the NAVEL space, resources and technical equipment** during open hours*** (8am-Midnight)
- Can book the space for private use for free (member rates apply when the booking is commercial in nature or must be secured more than a week in advance )
- Can attend all NAVEL events & programs for free (with some exceptions based on capacity & production cost such as dinners)
- Can apply to be a Collective representative on the NAVEL's Board of Directors for a term of one year
- Voting rights on the programming committee, Collective board representatives, and future residents
- Access to the Collective Residency local and international network via the spaceos app and a roster of opportunities
- Invitations to Collective Residency private events and activities
- Collective Residency Alumni benefits post-residency****

To receive these benefits, you must agree to dedicate a minimum of 3 hours of volunteer hours/month or 36 total per year. On page 2 of this document, you will find a list of how you can contribute:

*After one year, Collective Residents may decide to renew their residency for an additional year or give up their spot in the residency. In order to receive your benefits as a resident, you must complete this form when you join, and again after one year of residency. You must also review the NAVEL Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct and returned a signed copy of this agreement to NAVEL, as well as commit to the volunteer hours.

** You can consult a list of our technical equipment here:

***Residents can use the space when it is not occupied by private rentals, public programs and other private bookings.

****NAVEL reserves the right to not renew and/or honor alumni benefits if this agreement and/or the community guidelines and/or code of conduct are not respected by the residents over the course of the residency. NAVEL also reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the residency. Any proposed changes will be given with advanced notice to Collective Residents.

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NAVEL is looking for Collective Residents of all ages (18+) and disciplines with practices that imagine, experiment and actualize alternatives to the status quo. We are looking for process-oriented artists, activists, writers, designers, programmers, hackers, dancers, body workers, musicians, academics, scientists, educators, thinkers, cultural practitioners, community leaders and organizers, as well as those who don't fit neatly into these categories, who could benefit from being part of an insightful, driven and caring collective and from the use of the NAVEL space, its resources, equipment, and network. In pursuit of a more just, creative, and collaborative world, we are looking for folks who seek to shift from a place of individualism to community-centeredness, and are eager to make kin, and explore transformative ways of being, playing, experimenting, working and taking action together.
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Is there a specific project you are working or plan to work on over the course of this residency? If so, please describe. (max 100 words)
Explain how you (and your work) connect with NAVEL's mission and values (max 100 words) *
There are so many ways to get involved and take part in the community at NAVEL, why do you want to take part in the Collective Residency specifically? How do you imagine that the Residency's privileges and other residents will empower you, your practice and/or project? (max 150 words) *
What contribution do you hope to make and share with the other residents and members of the community? Describe how your participation, your practice and/or your project during this Residency for the next two years could enrich and empower the community? (max 250 words) *
Do you have specific need(s) that this Residency could meet? (space, community, guidance, technical equipment, etc.) Be as specific as you can. *
Will you be able to fulfill the volunteer requirements for the Residency, which includes 3 volunteer hours/month or a total of 36 hours per year? (You can find a link to a list of ways to contribute in the description text above) *
If you are unsure you will be able to meet the total number of volunteer hours during the year, please explain why.
As a Collective Resident, you are expected to participate in collective decision-making processes such as voting to select the new cohort of residents, programming committee members, Collective representatives on the NAVEL's board of directors, etc. This is how the Collective can influence the programming and governance structure of the organization, thus your participation is very important in making NAVEL a collectively-driven cultural space. Will you be able to commit to voting? *
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