Spokane Shadow Cultural Assignment III
A big part of what we're trying to accomplish at this club is mentally capable players and people. Please watch the below video and answer the questions.

This assignment is for the week of April 13-20..

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Too Far to Quit
What is your first and last name? *
What team do you play for? *
Nike is "Just Do It," what do you stand for? Create your own catchphrase now and list it below. *
Name a time where you were told "no," or where achieving your goal(s) became inconvenient, or difficult, and as a result you didn't achieve your goal(s)? *
What was difficult for you in this situation? *
How could you have handled it different from a mental standpoint? *
How could you have handled it differently from a training standpoint? *
Murphy's Law is that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." If you understand Murphy's Law well, how will you respond when things do go wrong? *
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