PlayThink 2019 Theme Camp Application
A theme camp is a group of participants that use their camp-site to enhance the landscape and experience of PlayThink for the entire event community. Playful and participatory, a good theme camp will create an ambiance, a visual presence, and provide a communal space or activity. This year we'll be providing 2 free tickets to each theme camp that we believe embrace participation.

Criteria for registration:

**Camps must be interactive. They should include activities, events or services within their camps and they must be available to the entire PlayThink community.
**Camps should be visually stimulating and have an inviting design, while maintaining safety and MOOP (matter our of place) regulation.
**Camps must be neighborly. This includes keeping sound within set limits, controlling where camp generators vent exhaust, and being receptive to solving any disputes that arise.

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