Youth Mentor Report
Greetings youth mentor participants! Please complete the following report each month and submit it no later than the 3rd of the following month.

*We understand that COVID19 has led many mentors and mentees to change the format of their meetings and you may spend more time communicating via video, call, or text message. Please summarize your level of contact and what you have done together. This data is critical for sustaining our youth services.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need additional resources, feel free to contact me !

Jamie Corliss
Youth Mentor Coordinator
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How many times did you meet and through what medium? (Ex: 2 meetings via zoom; 1 phone call, text messages throughout the month) *
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Do you have any reflections on your relationship, meeting, or goals?
Have you taken any steps towards your mentee's goals or to help them connect with their interests?
Are there any resources that you need from the program coordinator? Or, any additional questions, concerns, or stories?
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