[Zechla] Banner Request
Why do you want a banner?
Your answer
Do you have 500+ subscribers on YouTube?
If you have under 500 subs and you still want one, check the box.
Then you must Skype me, telling me you purchased it for $1 to me on my website, and then I'll make it.
What do you want the banner to say?
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Please provide the link to your channel.
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What is your Skype name?
(Required unless you give me your e-mail)
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What is your e-mail address?
Required. Otherwise I probably can't make you a wallpaper.
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Would you like me to livestream on twitch while making it?
*Does not affect how long it takes me to make or anything else you should be concerned about
What theme(s) do you want your banner to have?
Two recommended.
What colors do you want your banner to have?
(2-3 colors recommended)
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If you have any questions, Skype me.
My Skype ID is "Xechla"
Any extra info I should know?
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