User Needs Assessment SDICB
Dear reader,

In this questionnaire we investigate the user-needs of a SDICB to be developed. This stands for Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Celestial Bodies. We would like to use you in a ‘trial’ to provide our project with a user needs assessment.

In order to analyse the user needs, all participants in this questionnaire will first fill in general questions. After this, all participants will use the INSPIRE platform. This provides us with a baseline measurement. We ask you to use the platform and search for a given data set. We ask a number of questions about this.

After this you will undergo a similar test but with an existing SDICB platform. This is either PSA, PSD or AstroPedia. You undergo the same test to find a given data set and answer our questions about this.

The activities described above take up about half an hour of your time.

Thank you in advance,

Celestial Consultancy

Jurek van Goor
Ferran Oró Arán
Menno van der Spank
Emma Vos
Finn Winkelmann

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