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الأسئلة و التعليقات
Please check that you have read and agreed to the following rules: *
General rules and regulations
- All Park event must be free of charge
- Smoking is not permitted inside the park
- Visitor are required to dispose their litter into the garbage bins only.
- Outside food & beverages, barbecues or picnics are not permitted inside the park
- Pets are not allowed into the park.
- Visitors are not permitted to step into the lakes or fountains.
- Recreational skates, skateboards, bicycles and scooters can only be used outside the park in the designated cycling lane.
-The sculptures are for admiring and not for climbing.
-The water from the lakes and fountains are decorative and not for drinking.
- Visitors are not allowed to pick or break the flowers, plants or trees in the park.

Park Management Authorization is required for:
- Distribution or placement of advertisement inside and outside the park
- Engaging in commercial activity within the park
- Film or photography requiring equipment or exclusive use of an area
- Events or activities conducted inside the park
- Usage of amplified noise inside the park

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