Request for Business Leaders to Support Ending Qualified Immunity
September 22, 2020

Dear Members of the United States Congress:

We are more than 650 of current and former CEO’s, founders, and leaders of businesses across the country. We are outraged as we watch over and over and over again as police officers are caught on video killing unarmed black and brown people. That is why we are joining millions of Americans who are demanding reform, and specifically, joining an effort led by the Players Coalition - more than 1400 professional athletes and coaches - in support of ending qualified immunity:

The time for debate about the unchecked authority of the police is over; it is now time for change. Citizens must know that if those who promise to uphold the law and protect the community fail to do so, there are remedies available.

The Supreme Court has caused irreparable harm to public trust by creating and then expanding the doctrine of qualified immunity, which often exempts police officers and others from liability, even for shocking abuse. Officers almost never face criminal legal consequences for excessive force and fatal violence. Prosecutors often decline to charge, grand juries decline to indict, or juries decline to convict. When the criminal legal system fails, qualified immunity makes it nearly impossible for victims to hold police accountable using the civil legal system. As a result, qualified immunity has shielded some of the worst law enforcement officials in America.

If police officers kill an unarmed man, if they beat a woman, if they shoot a child, or if they violate someone’s constitutional rights, the people of this country must have a way to hold them accountable in a court of law. And officers must know that if they act in such a manner, there will be repercussions. A legal system that does not provide such a recourse is an illegitimate one. Congress must not be complicit in these injustices, and it should take this important step to show that law enforcement abuse will not be tolerated.

We urge you to restore accountability to those charged with upholding the law and protecting the community. A healthy democracy requires no less.



Ben Cohen, Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry’s
Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry’s
Scott Uzzell, President and CEO, Converse
Seth Goldman, Co-Founder Eat the Change® & PLNT Burger
Eileen Fisher, Founder, Eileen Fisher Inc
Donna Carpenter, Chair of the Board, Burton
Jostein Solheim, EVP, Foods and Refreshment North America, Unilever
Joey Bergstein, CEO, Seventh Generation
Danny Meyer, Founder, CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group
Rose Marcario, former CEO, Patagonia
Jeremy Zimmer, CEO, United Talent Agency
Mark Wolverton, President and CEO, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics - North America
Daniel Barlow, Executive Director, Business Leaders for Health Care Transformation
Richard Marotta, CEO, Berkshire Bank
Berit Ashla, California, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Jeff Furman, Board Emeritus, Ben & Jerry's
Raj Aggarwal, Founder and President, Provoc
Jesse Laflamme, Owner and CEO, Pete and Gerry's Organics, LLC
Matthew Patsky, CEO, Trillium Asset Management
Dal LaMagna, Co-Managing, Partner IceStone, LLC
Richard Perl, Executive, TerraCycle, Inc.
Malia Lazu, EVP, Chief Experience and Culture Officer, & Regional President, Berkshire Bank
Yvonne Garcia, Chief of Staff to State Street CEO, State Street
Robert Langley, President, Pacific Stock/Options Exchange(ret)
Janie Hoffman, Founder & CEO, Mamma Chia
Richard Master, CEO, MCS Industries Inc.
Terri Maxwell, CEO, Share On Purpose, Inc.
Don Mayer, Founder, Small Dog Electronics
Wendell Potter, Founder and CEO, Wendell Potter Consulting, LLC
Mary Powell, Former CEO, Green Mountain Power and Current Company Co-Founder, Spot the Dog
Mike Kappus, Founder/owner, The Rosebud Agency
Andrew Kassoy, Co-Founder, B Lab
Alan Kligerman, Retired founder, AkPharma Inc
Michael Abler, Owner, West Designs
Eric Warnstedt, Owner, Hen of the Wood
William Raap, Founder and Chair, America’s Gardening Resource
Steven Rand, Former NH State Representative & Business Owner,
Carol Holler, Retired, Trans World Airlines
Judy Wicks, Founder, White Dog Cafe
Susan Labandibar, Tech Networks of Boston
Paige Henchen, Retired, Bain & Company
Shannon Adkins, CEO, Future State
Gwen Whiting, Co-Founder, The Laundress
Jen Kimmich, Co-founder, CEO, Alchemist Brewery
Catherine DeLorey, CEO, Women's Health Institute
Frank Kramer, retired, Harvard Book Store
Mark Albion, Faculty Founder, Net Impact, Net Impact
Tiffany Jana, Founder, TMI Consulting Inc
Seungah Jeong, CEO, MPOWERD, Inc.
Roxanne Vought, Executive Director, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
Sidney Amster, Retired Entrepreneur, SVC
Rose Penelope Yee, CEO, Green Retirement, Inc.
Jay Coen Gilbert, Cofounder, B Lab
Mary Cleaver, NY, Cleaver Co
Ted Castle, Owner and President, Rhino Foods
Elisa Miller-Out, Managing Partner, Chloe Capital
Michael Mills, Founder : Retired, Woofworks, Inc. / Sweet A Textiles
Anuradha Mittal, Chair, Board of Directors, Ben & Jerrys, Ben& Jerrys
Terry Mollner, Founder & Chair, Stakeholders Capital, Inc.
Nicole Grenier , Owner, Stowe Street Cafe
Timothy Yee, President, Green Retirement, Inc.
Shane Barnard, Owner, Urbankick
BE Alink, Founder, Alinker Family LLC
Jodie Evans, Founder/Owner, Two Rivers and Mohawk Love Farms
Arthur Altree, Owner, Altree Remodeling & Decorating, Inc.
MARGARET AMES, owner, A & H Enterprises, Inc.
Linda Shanahan, Owner, Barefoot Botanicals
Maryam Sharifzadeh, Founder and CEO, Office Yoga
Robert Shilstone, Founder, Shilstone Arts
Corinne Shindelar, Founder, Emeritus President, INFRA
Valerie Shulock, Owner, Basil Tree Catering
Jacob Shupe, Owner, Barracuda coffee company
Frank Kramer, retired, Harvard Book Store
Heidi Barr, Founder, Heidi Barr Designs LLC
Dottie Baumgarten, Pennsylvania, Sustainable Choices, LLC
Melinda Moulton , CEO, Main Street Landing
Wes Hamilton, Owner, Three Penny Taproom
Steve Hingtgen, President, Vintage Trailer Supply
Brian Burt, CEO, MaestroConference & VoiceVoice
Skyler Broughman, Project Analyst, TMI Consulting, Inc.
Joe Beddia, Owner, Pizzaria Beddia
Etienne Morris, Owner, Morris Recruiting & Consulting
Melinda Moulton, CEO , Main Street Landing
Eliana Murillo, Founder, Tequila Alquimia
Rachel Murray, Founder & Co-CEO, She Geeks Out
Henry Nasella, Co-Founder, LNK Partners
Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Founder and CEO, SoulTour, PBC
Deb Nelson, Vice President, RSF Social Finance
Justin Belleme, Founder, JB Media Group, LLC
Paul Benjou, Owner, Group One
Christopher Bentley, Principal, Veraque Impact
Cathy Berry, Managing Director, Baldwin Investment Management
Raven Best, Founder, Grace Creative
Karen Bevels, CA, Karen Bevels Events
Kate Blake, Founder, The 6X Project
Sara Blenkhorn, B.C, Leverage Lab
Stephen Blessman, Founder, Blessman Organic Farm
Stephen Blessman, Owner, Eastman Dryden Blessman Organization
Kirsten Bonanza, Founder, Subtle Energetics
Dennis Bone, Retired, B-Loco Productions
Allen Bromberger, Founder, Bromberger Law PLLC
TJ Brooks, Owner, Brooks Construction
Orion Brown, Founder, The Black Travel Box
KATURAH BRYANT, CEO, Global Alchemy Group
Michelle Camp, co-owner, Gateway Properties
Alexis Carpenter, Director of Marketing, MPOWERD
Jeanne Chang, Owner, Lil' Pop Shop
Philip Chisesi II, Co/ Executive, Chisesi Brothers Meat Packing
Rory Cohen, Owner Take 10 Now Consulting, retired,
Lon Cohen, Owner, Lon Cohen Studio Rentals
Deborah Cooney, Owner, Academy of the Stars
Kristen Cooper, CEO, Blackbird Benefits Collective
Charles Cottle, Writer
Alex Danovitch, Owner, Nothing Left to Waste, LLC
Lori Darley, Founder, Conscious Leaders
Sandip Dasgupta, Owner, Palm Realty, LLC
Rebecca Davies, co-owner Remark Glass, Remark Glass
Laura Dellinger, Co-Founder, WiseBridge, LLC
Kalaya Delmars, HI, Bridges to WellBeing
David Dexter, OH, 3D Engineering Consultants, LLC
Jenn Diesi, Founder, Geek Girl Tech
Stephen Dinan, CEO, The Shift Network
Kittura Dior, Administrator - Business training and development, Power Up Your Business Community College of Philadelphia
Sallie Donkin, Executive, The Dog Lady
Harry Doull, Chief Candle Officer, Keap Candles
Cathie Dunal MD MPH, Physician,
Nat Dunn, Founder, Webucator
Tim Eads, Owner, Rug Tufting Machines
Matthew Elliott, Partner, Super Humane
Art Espey, Founder, Paladin Global Services
Andrew Fishman, Executive, Fishman Supply
Richard Flittie, Founder/Owner, Richard Flittie - Drum Maker
Hal Forsen, CA, Glassics
Avi Fox, Founder, Wild Mantle
Eric Friedenwald-Fishman, CEO, Metropolitan Group
Querido Galdo, Founder, Queridomundo Creative LLC
Lisa Geason-Bauer, President/Founder, Evolution Marketing, LLC
Douglas Gendron, AL, Books, Bears & Things
Terry Gips, Founder and CEO, Sustainability Associates, LLC
Ben Gordesky, Manager, DC Energy Innovations, Inc.
Rochelle Gravance, Owner,
Deejay Gray, Founder, TheatreLAB
Laina Greene, Founder, Angels of Impact
Myrna Greenfield, Top Egg, Good Egg Marketing
Rita Greiman, Co-founder, Minnow Lane
Ed Grinnell, Founder, Eddies Wheels for Pets
Jill Grodi, owner, Jill J. Grodi, Psy.D.
Andrea Hackman, Co-Founder, President, One Village Coffee
Jordan Haddad, Owner, Lobo Mau
Nicole Haddad, Owner, Lobo Mau
Theresa Hadden-Martinez, NM, Expertiva Computing, Inc.
Jo Ann Hakola, Owner, retired, The Book Faerie
Laura Hall, Partner, WHYZ Partners
Molly Hauck, President, Molly Perkins Hauck, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
Alan R Henderson, Founder/Owner, Art By Design
Alisa Herr, Founder & CEO, Unity Web Agency
Chauncey Herring, III, Executive, Correctional Dental Associates
Chris Hershberger-Esh, Owner, Spacious
John Heymann, Managing Member, NewLevel Group, LLC
Luisa Heymann, retired, NewLevel Group
Jan Hillegas, Owner, New Mississippi, Inc.
Thomas Hilton, OWNER, A & H Enterprises, Inc.
Maryellen Holmes , Owner, Maryellen’s toys
Ryan Honeyman, Partner / Worker-Owner, LIFT Economy
Sherri Howard, Principal, Being Human
Lisa Hyman, Co-Founder, The goodDog Agency
Virginia Irwin Klausmeier, CEO/Founder, Sylvatex Inc
Gary Ivey, Oregon, Gary Ivey Wildlife and Wetlands Consultant
Graziella Jackson, Partner & CEO, Echo&Co
Kenneth Jackson, President, Talent Aviation Services, Inc
Barbara Jacobsen, CA, - Select -Sonoma Collage Studio
Shilpa Jain, Executive Director, YES!
Nathan Joblin, Owner, Modern Wisdom Press
Sherimane Johnson, Founder, NaturallySweet Desserts & Night Owl Vegan
Jan Jones, Retired, Jones Music
Kimberley Jutze, Founder, Shifting Patterns Consulting
Kevin Kahn, Owner, K2 Industrial Controls Int’l Ltd
Michael Kanter, Co-founder, President, Cambridge Naturals
Emily Kanter, CEO + Co-Owner, Cambridge Naturals
Bruce Katz, Founder & CEO, Samuel Hubbard Shoe
Maren Keeley, Founder, Handprint
Hank Keeton, President, Keeton Corporation
John Keim, NJ, The Fopps, Carlo Dano Excursion/Laura Faye & Undercover
Tim Kelley, Owner, Transcendent Solutions LLC
Allison Kelly, CEO, ICA
Maurine Kelly, Owner and President, Dr. Maurine K Kelly, Ph., P.A.
Karol Klein, FL owner, Duck lake trees and shrubs
Dana Knickerbocker, WA, Mr
Nelly Kolodny, Founder, Mozzie Armor LLC
Michelle Ku, owner, Ku Interior Design
Carey Kuhlmey, Owner, Twin Lakes Realty LLC
Brennan Lanphear, , Cage Free Productions
Sarah Lanzman, Owner, Bliss Point Farm and B&B
J'Ulene LaQue, Owner, Your True Colors Inc.
Mary Layman, President, TriMedia
Lora Ledermann, Founder & CEO, Scream Agency
Sherrie Lee, Owner, Big Mamas Big Bud Ranch
Susan Leger Ferraro, Founder CEO, G3, Imajine That
Lorna Lewers, Director, Music Educators Press
Brittney Lewis, Owner/tribe leader, Franny Lou's Porch
Cathy Lewis, Owner, C.S. Lewis & Company Publicists
Andrew Li, Owner, Franklin and Poe
Terry Lierman, Founder, Sunnis Global Ventures
Martin Livgren, RETIRED, Dirt & Grime Records
Loretta Lomas, Owner, Feather Financial
Emily Lonigro, President, LimeRed
Dorrit Lowsen, President & COO, Change Finance
William Lusher, IA, Sanctuary Counterpoint Covenant Summit Church
Lindy Lyman, Artist, Lindy Lyman Studio
Paul Lynch, Founder CEO, Cage Free Productions
Norry Lynch, CEO, Norry Lynch Risk Recovery Advisors
David Malcolm, Retired, Heartbeat Diagnostics
Crystal Mario, CEO and Founder, Rivanna Natural Designs, Inc.
Michael Mayer, President, Meliora Cleaning Products
Sophia McAllister, owner, SM Services, Inc
Colin McIntosh, CEO, Sheets & Giggles
Cameron McIntosh, Founder, Americhanvre Cast Hemp
Michelle McManus, Owner, Operator,
Jimmy McMillan, Owner, Super Electro
James Melloh, Owner, FLow Acupncture
Peter Merzbacher, Owner, Philly Bread
Frederick A. Miller, Owner/CEO, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.
Katherine Nepton, Founder, The Nepton Law Firm, PLLC
Katherine Nepton, CEO, Tax Resolutions, LLC
Katherine Nepton, CEO, Toy Trucks, LLC
paul novak, owner, Only Connect...Publications
Myles O'Connor, Owner, O'Connor Industries
John Oakes, Publisher, The Evergreen Review
Drew Oberholtzer, Founder, Coexist Build
Sara Olsen, Founder, SVT Group
Elizabeth Osder, Executive - Founder, The Osder Group - JBITCO
Gregg Osofsky, Founder and Co-Director, The Watershed Center
Wayne Ott, PA, Janvier Ott Inc
Karen Parolek, Co-founder, Opticos Design, Inc.
Lara Pearson, NV, Brand Geek/ Law Office of Lara Pearson Ltd, PBC
Paul Peckham, Owner, All Natural Distributors, Inc.
Cherron Perry-Thomas, Founder, Green Dandelion
Razvan Petric, Owner, Root Financial
Tinia Pina, CEO, Re-Nuble
Gifford and Elizabeth Pinchot, President and CEO, Pinchot & Company
Carolyn Pistone, President & Managing Director, Clear Blue Commercial, Inc.
John Polite, CEO, Inopak Ltd
MJ Pramik, Ms, MJ Pramik Communications
L D Pratt, California, Psychotherapist
C.E. Pugh, CEO, National Co+op Grocers
Kimberly Pultz, WI, Kim’s Magic Touch Massage
Daniel Queiroz, Executive, MPOWERD
Tiffany Rapplean, Owner, Percipient Creations
Mary Reilly, Owner, CEO, Group14 Engineering, PBc
Ben Reisterer, Founder, MetaFi
Natalie Rekstad, Founder, Black Fox Philanthropy, B Corp
Jessica Resler, Founder, The Participation Agency
Christine Rico, Founder, CFO on Speeddial
Aaeron Robb, owner, Ramsay Construction
Christopher Romano, Owner, Sire Press, LLC
JOSHUA ROOD, Co-Founder & CEO, Dr Hops Kombucha Beer
Edward Rosenfeld, Partner, Rosenfeld Media LLC
Jeremy Roth, Owner, Motorco with Parts & Labor
Danielle Ruttenberg, Co-Founder, Remark Glass
Jeffrey Sakamoto, Principal, Southwest Business Advancement LLC
Jelina Saliu, CEO, The Laundress
John Salzinger, NY, MPOWERD Inc.
Hanifah Samad , Owner, Fason De Viv Marketplace
Guy Saperstein, California (CA),
Carole Sartenaer, Owner, The Phoenix Pastificio
Jennifer Satinsky, Co-owner, Weckerlys Ice Cream
Morley Schloss, Owner, Board President, Sunsport Gardens, Inc.
Elizabeth Schwartz, Owner, Better Speech Now, LLC
David Sellers, Architect,
Miriam Senft, Founder/CEO, Motivity Partnerships, Inc.
Theodora Skeadas, Executive Director, Cambridge Local First
Peter Skornia, President, Bazzani Building Company
Bh Smith, Owner, BHS Consulting, LLC.
Rachael Solem, Owner and Manager, Irving House at Harvard
Rick Staggenborg MD, Oregon, Dr
A.L. Steiner, New York, Otherwild
Mary Stelletello, Founder, Vista Global Coaching & Consulting
Matthew Stonebraker, Owner, Stoneco Energetic Systems LLC
Peter Strugatz, Board Chair, Victory Hemp Foods
Nathan Stuck, Director, Ad Victoriam Solutions
Sirina Sucklal, Savage, Savage
Nan Tepper, Owner, Nan Tepper Design
Gina Timm, WI, Longshot at Miller Dam, LLC
Eric Titus White, Founder, The Hempstead
Stephen Tracy, Owner, Keap Co.
Drew Tulchin, owner, Upspring Associates
Nichole Vanderslice, Owner & Principal, Law Office of Nichole Buck Vanderslice
Ebony Walden, Owner, Ebony Walden Consulting
Julius Walls, Executive, Land Development Consulting, LLC
Mark Waltzer, Owner, Waltzer Berry Dental Associates
April Warwick, AK, Animal Daycare & Boarding LLC
Jeannie Weiss, Owner, Weiss Wellness
Jeanne Whipple, Owner, Philly Home Girls
Cathy White, Retired, Ms
Angela Wilkes, Owner, A. T. Wilkes & Associates
Rachel Wilson, Owner, Rachel Wilson Law
Leigh Wood, Retired, Real Win Win Inc
Thane Wright, Founder, Owner, Bower Cafe
Justin Wright, CEO, owner, founder, Habitus Incorporated
Daniela Yarnold, Owner, Pro Futura Ltd
Sophia Yen MD, CEO, Co-Founder, Pandia Health, Inc.
Minna Yoo, Founder, Love Bottle
Heidi Zak, CEO, ThirdLove
Halcyon Blake, Founder and former owner, Halcyon Yarn
Raymond Dryz, President, Five-Star Architect Inc PC
Namrata Mujumdar, Co-Founder and CEO, FUND:THIS
Adesina Cash, Founder, Hot Spot Yoga Oakland
Tika Bordelon, Washington, Dr.
ELIZABETH DAVIS, Owner, Dead Fish Books
Audrey Lima, Retired, It's Time! Kayak
Mike Abler, owner, West Designs
Priscilla Massie, retired, Massie Michigan Book Shop
Roger McNamee, CO-Founder, Elevation Partners
Bob & Rita Krasen, Employee, Retired, Vision & Vocational Services
Marilyn Mooshie, Self-employed, Proof Positive
Dale Le Fevre, Director, New Games Ltd
Polina Pinchevsky, Principal & Creative Director, RoundPeg Benefit LLC
Thomas Calhoun, World Wood Works
Sadie Scheffer, CEO, Bread SRSLY
Ashby Paca, Owner, Ashby Paca Productions
James McRitchie, ESG Shareholder Advocate,
Kathy Oppenhuizen, Owner, Cornelius Consulting Services
Rev Louisa Dyer, Owner, Sacred Space Ministries
Diana Amov , CA, Diana Amov Piano Studio
Debbie Cotton, Independent Contractor, Benefix llc
Dawn Hendry, Speech Therapist, Jefferson County Public Schools
Aaeron Robb, Maryland, Ramsay Construction
Lani DePonte-Disorda, Owner, Pangaea
Nick Barcott, WA, SEIU
Tanner McCuin, Owner, Lead Developer, Tannermooredesign
Russ Bennett, Founder/owner, NorthLand Design & Construction In.
Christine O’Neill, Founder/CEO, Christine O’Neill Coaching
Steven West, Founder, Fearless Computing
Rebecca Jones MD, Owner, Rebecca M Jones MD LLC
Maryellen Holmes, Owner, Maryellen’s toys
Scott Wheeler, Founder & Managing Director, Strategy Arts
David Daugherty, Sole Proprietor, Veronica Hartnell
Molly Hauck, Owner, Molly Perkins Hauck, Ph.D., LLC, Licensed Psychologist
Eileen Lawlor, Owner, Stillpointstudio
Theresa Hadden-Martinez, owner, Expertiva Computing
Cecilia Gaston, Executive Director, Retired, Violence Intervention Program
Julie Putney, WI small business owner, J&L Honing Co
Remy Fenster, Owner, RJF Marketing
Charles Turk, Practicing psychiatrist, Self employed
Bill Steig, President, Race Ent. LLC,
Steven Dickson, Partner, D&E Structures Consulting Engineers
Katherine Roberts, Owner,
Lisa Greenleaf, Artist and family therapist, Greenleaf Therapeutic
Jo Ann Hakola, Owner, The Book Faerie
John Simmons, Owner, Eusatis, LLC
Paul Zarchin, Owner, Hands of Health
Marcella Hammond, Sole Proprietor, Elemental Acupuncture
Michael Mills, Owner, Woofworks, Inc / Sweet A Textiles
Robert Struthers, GM, Grain Train Natural Foods Market
Amy Ryberg, Owner / psychotherapist , Ryberg & Ryberg, P.C.
Hal Forsen, partner, Glassics Art Glass
Jeff Hanna, Manager, The RHYTHM INLET
Robert Wilde, Owner, Robert Wilde Studios
Kate Paradis, Founder, Boulder Homeopathy
Darrell Wild, Founder, Innovative Real Estate Services
Peter Rothe, Owner, The Bodywork Institute
Thomas Goodfellow, Principal, TG Associates CPAs, PLLC
Sheri Snyder, Owner, DC Law Group, LLC
Aixs Fielder, Retired, Aixa Custom Furnishings
Julius Anderson, NY, JMFH Capital Group LLC
Marina Meerburg, Owner, RAR Marketing Group
Albert Valencia, Founder, Exercise Smart
Tom Akers, President, MetaArc inc.
Cindy Stenkamp, Owner, Cindy Stenkamp, CDA, EDDA, Temp Assisting
David Karlovich, Owner, Acupuncture of Morris County
David Smernoff, Founder and CTO, HelioBioSys, Inc.
Robert Cserr, President, Robert Cserr, MD,PC
Eric Wessman, President, Eric A. Wessman, Photographer, LLC
Karla Von Huben, Owner, Write Here, Write Now
Robert Haines, President/Owner, Insaco, Inc.
April Warwick, owner, Animal Daycare & Boarding LLC
Dennis Mace, Owner and Instructor, Mace Martial Arts
TJ Brooks, Arkansas, Brooks Building
Karen Seeberg, Founder, The Energy Centre
Brenda Balanda, Owner/Broker, Marin Sunshine Realty
Julie Lineberger, Founder, CEO, LineSync Architecture
Joseph Cincotta, Principal Architect, LineSync Architecture
Julie Lineberger, Founder, President, Wheel Pad L3C
Judith Zwarun, President, Newcastle Homes
Scott Wallace, Co-Chair, Wallace Global Fund
Richard Flittie, Founder - Owner, Drum Maker
Carl Schwensohn, Minnesota, SohnTech
Diana Wege, Founding Chair, We Oppose Violence Everywhere Now, Inc (WOVEN)
Elizabeth Schwartz, Retired Owner, Better Speech Now, LLC
Cathy Bilsky, owner, Cathy's angelite
Diane Isenberg, founder, Ceniarth, LLC
Patrick George, Founder, Heartwood Tree Service LLC
Gavin Watson, Ct., Conscious Capitalism Connecticut
Allan Mousallem, Technician, Dr Orst Control
Barbara Burke, Proprietor, The Gallery of Arts & Culture
Tom Lalinsky, Owner, Tom Lalinsky Engineering
Bill Steig, President, Race Ent. LLC
Carol Jagiello, Partner, Cas LLC
Kathy Mullins, Owner, Six Lites Graphics
Thomas Libbey, N/A, N/A
Dr. Mha Atma S Khalsa, Founder and owner, Khalsa Chiropractic
David Adams, retired, SIerra College
Linda McCracken, Owner, Spiritual Web Communications, LLC
Jessica Adams, Owner, Chewelah Veterinary Clinic
Betsy Webster, Owner, Mount Ulla Gardens
Ron Silver, Founder, Bubby’s Pie Co
April Alford, Owner (no longer offering my services), April Alfords Day care
Eric Leenson, President, SOL Economics
Sarah Brown, Founder, Green Alliance and Owner Sarah Mae Brown Consulting LLC, Green Alliance and Sarah Mae Brown Consulting LLC
Ronald Silver, Founder, Azuca
Valerie Etter, Sole Proprietor, A Loftier View Counseling
Larry McLaughlin, Major, USAF (Retired), Air Force - Major
Amity Gomez, Founder + Owner, Amity Rose, Inc.
Elizabeth Sterner, Owner, BELKIS Consulting LLC
Jerilyn Bock, California, Bock Appraisal Service
Paul Bae, Owner, Burger House
Corey E. Olsen, Owner/Activist, CEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm
Matthew Blackwood, owner, Clear Light Media
Ajax Greene, Coherence Collaborative
J Gruber, Owner, Gruber CPA Services, Ltd
Cheri Haram, owner, Haram Restoration, Inc.
Edward Green, CA, IHSS
Karen Thorsen, writer / filmmaker,
Dawn Hendry, Jefferson County Public Schools, CO
Joe Lowery, Owner, Joe Lowery
Ken Klos, Kenneth Klos, Architect LLC
Julie Lineberger, Founder & CEO, LineSync Architecture
Liston Freeman, Founder/Owner, Liston L. Freeman, LLC
Michael Breitenstein, Realtor, Maguire Group Realty
Laura Helfman, Owner, Medical practice
Polly Waring, Founder, Owner, NEPO INC
William Elwood, Owner, New Folk Artifacts
Susan Chaloupka, Owner, North End Studio
OscarV Lipchak, Owner, Oval Real Estate
Randall Foreman, Owner, Randall K. Foreman, APLLC
Linda Roberts, Founder, Roberts Marionettes
Ronit Corry, Owner, Santa Barbara Dog Whisperer
Mary Sue Baker, Owner, Sarasota Insurance Services Inc
Claire Tarantino, Teacher, Retired, Saratoga Springs City Schools
Sheryl Anderson, Owner, Secret Source
Karina Black, Founder, Skills 4 Life Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Morley Schloss, Owner, Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort
Nora Coyle, Small Business Owner, Tails A Wag Inn
Ruth Kastner, Founder and President, The Quantum Institute
Brett Austin, Founder, Twenty Four Ventures
Eleonor Sandresky, Founder, Varsa Publishing
Susan Yerry, Owner, Waterville Farm
Justine Shelto, Founder, Yoga with Justine

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