Program Coordinator Position

The IRCM program coordinator will be responsible for the organization's program planning, coordination, and development. This position involves organizing and scheduling programs and trainings for volunteers, staff, and service providers. Moreover, the program coordinator will work with IRCM staff leaders and other NGO program coordinators to work on relevant programs and trainings for different parties. The program coordinator's primary purpose is to educate appropriate parties, monitor program, and training's progress, serve as IRCM's representative, and report any relevant findings.

coordinate trainings and programs for both service providers and staff
educate and train new volunteers and staff with the office manager
monitor and track staff's training and educational progress
monitor the training and program requirements for each staff member and volunteers
track and maintain reports about program and training attendees, from service providers to clients
create and establish plans and incentives for increasing attendees to events.
work with community education coordinator on community education planning and trainings
attend relevant trainings on behalf of the organization and present critical information to staff
create culturally and linguistically specific materials for service providers, clients, and other appropriate parties

Participate in Monday Check-ins weekly
Participate in staff training programs
Coordinate and conduct team and service provider trainings
Create, maintain, and monitor staff training and event calendar
Present monthly and weekly reports on program progress and results
Coordinate with staff leaders about program planning, approvals, and coordination
Contribute to planning IRCM's significant events, like Haweenka and World Refugee Day
Reach out to other NGO program coordinators for other program opportunities


previous positions working in a non-profit
previous experience in program development and/or leading a group
Strong verbal and written multilingual communication skills are required
Must have the ability to use computers and programs such as Microsoft Excel, Office, Windows
Ability and willingness to work with a diverse population, including refugees, refugee immigrants, local, state government, community groups, and other parties as necessary
Ability to work with a high degree of independence
Excellent organizational skills
Valid current driver's license
Knowledge of refugee processing and experiences is a plus
Flexibility and strong interpersonal skills, along with the ability to lead a group discussion and facilitate meetings
Knowledge of both English, Arabic, Somali, and other African languages is strongly preferred
The ability to supervise staff is required

2-years of experience with people from other cultures
4-year management experience
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