Southwind Harassment Incident Report
Southwind Drum & Bugle Corps and Empower Youth in the Performing Arts, Inc. is committed to creating and maintaining a positive and healthy atmosphere for its members, staff and volunteers. An environment that is free from any form or threat of harassment is essential to this task. Harassment is a form of discrimination, and includes any conduct that adversely affects a positive learning environment, including but not limited to actions or comments that are sexual in nature, violent or threatening violence, hazing, or demeaning, that the perpetrator knew, or reasonably should have known, would be unwelcome. Harassment leads to adverse impacts to the person(s) experiencing harassment as well as those around them, and negatively impacts the camaraderie we value.

Harassment can take many forms, but generally involves conduct, comments, or display that is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, hurtful, demeaning, belittling, malicious, degrading or otherwise causes offense, injury or potential injury, discomfort, personal humiliation or embarrassment to a person or group of persons.

Southwind and Empower Youth expressly prohibit harassment of any kind under any and all circumstances.

Please use this form to report, anonymously or otherwise, any incident of harassment you have experienced or witnessed. All incidents will be fully investigated by our Policy Compliance Team. Please be as specific as possible when conveying details in order to help with our investigation.
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