EDS 129A Enrollment Form - Fall 2018

EDS 129A is a restricted course for graduating seniors and graduate students who intend to become educators/teachers. This course requires subject-specific placements: your major should correspond to the subject area in which you will be conducting your fieldwork. Applicants with non-corresponding majors should discuss their plans with an EDS advisor before submitting this form.

MATH SECONDARY EDUCATION MAJORS: Please note that the EDS 129 series is reserved ONLY for students who plan to go into the teaching profession. An alternate course sequence, EDS 136/140/141, is recommended for those who prefer to focus on research or wish to pursue non-teaching careers.

If you are not planning to become a secondary classroom teacher, we strongly encourage that you do not enroll in this course/EDS 129ABC sequence. Instead, we recommend you enroll in EDS 136 this quarter (followed by EDS 140 in winter and EDS 141 in spring). This alternate path affords students the opportunity to explore educational topics such as research. If you are planning to pursue a career in education research or in an informal educational setting (such as a museum or an aquarium), or a nonprofit organization, this is the path for you.

If you have previously taken an EDS practicum course and did not pass, you may NOT retake or enroll in another practicum course.

If you have previously withdrawn from an EDS practicum course, please consult with the program director, Dr. Cheryl Forbes (cforbes@ucsd.edu), before completing this form.

Course requirements/considerations to consider prior to enrolling:
- Negative TB Test taken within the past 60 days - bring cards with negative test result to the first day of class.
- UC San Diego ID card and lanyard for identification purposes.
- 40 hours of tutoring and observation fieldwork spread out evenly over the course of the 10 week quarter at multiple fieldwork sites (you will have 3 teachers to work with).
- This is a time intensive course. You must have open availability at least three times a week at a consistent time in order to be placed. The more open days and times, the better.
- Must have own, reliable method of transportation to and from the school site (up to 30 miles from UC San Diego).
- Placements are assigned based on the needs of the local schools, teachers, and students we serve.

All undergraduate students must print a copy of this form after submitting it and bring it to a screening interview with an EDS advisor prior to course enrollment (Pepper Canyon Hall, 3rd floor).

Students with enrollment questions can contact EDS advisor: Emmeline Domingo (edomingo@ucsd.edu).

Concurrent enrollment into EDS 139 is required. Please choose the EDS 139 section with instructor Rachel Millstone (rmillstone@ucsd.edu).

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