2017 CCFOA Exam
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Clipping in the free-blocking zone is illegal.
It is a foul for non-contact face guarding on a forward pass.
At the time the ball is kicked, at least four K players must be on each side of the kicker.
Defensive players are restricted from contacting the ball or the snapper's hand(s) or arm(s) until the snapper has released the ball.
A back may not wear a jersey with a number 50 through 79.
Illegal participation fouls by the receiving team occurring during the kick are now enforced under post-scrimmage kick fouls.
If a double foul occurs during a down in which time expires, the period is ended.
No player or nonplayer shall execute a blindside block outside of the free-blocking zone with forceful contact unless initiated with open hands.
It is a field goal even if part of the ball passes through the line of the upright extended.
If end A1 voluntarily goes out of bounds and immediately returns during the down, it is illegal participation.
A scrimmage kick recovered in or behind the neutral zone may be advanced by K or R, unless it is during a try.
It is a touchdown for A if A1 fumbles into B’s end zone and A2 is the last to touch the ball prior to its going out of bounds beyond the end line.
A11’s forward pass is touched by A83 behind the line of scrimmage. The ball completely crosses the line of scrimmage and is caught for a TD by A84. A75 was 6 yards downfield when the pass was released. Foul for ineligible receiver downfield.
An accepted live ball foul that does not include a loss of down will extend the period by an untimed down.
A20 is the holder for a field goal attempt. A20 receives the snap and is controlling the ball with his knee on the ground. A20 immediately pitches the ball backward to A40 while his knee is on the turf. The ball remains alive in this instance.
A30 is tackled and is down with the middle portion of the ball laying on his goal line. The forward portion of the ball is in the field of play. This is not a safety as forward progress places the ball in the field of play.
Runner A45 carries the ball to B’s goal line. When forward progress is ruled the tip of the ball has broken the plane of the goal line. This is a touchdown.
A drives the ball directly into the ground on a free kick. The ball pops up and is over the head of a player. If accepted, this is penalized as a live ball foul.
A30 is the first to touch a scrimmage kick beyond the line of scrimmage. The ball is still moving after the touch. Ball is dead when touched by A30.
A30 is first to touch a scrimmage kick beyond the line of scrimmage. B40 picks the ball up and runs for 10 yards, where he fumbles the ball. A50 picks up the fumble and runs for a TD. Ruling: This is a touchdown for team A.
K’s punt is touched by R20 at the 5 yard line. K80 recovers the muffed kick in the end zone. The result of this play is a TD for K.
R20 signals for a fair catch of K’s punt. R80 catches the ball and runs for a TD. This is a TD.
A75 is lined up as a fullback. A12 passes the ball forward to A75 who makes the catch and runs for a TD. This is a TD.
A12 sprints out to his left and is next to the sideline. A12 seeing no open receivers throws the ball out of bounds beyond the line of scrimmage. A12 is being chased by B20. This is not intentional grounding as A12 is out of the pocket and the ball did cross the line of scrimmage.
A12’s forward pass does not cross the line of scrimmage. By rule, pass interference cannot be called.
A12’s forward pass is touched by B20. A75 then catches the pass. This is a foul for illegal touching.
A12’s forward pass is touched by eligible A88. A65 then catches the ball. No foul for illegal touching as the ball was touched by an eligible receiver.
A35 is at the B5 where he fumbles the ball. The ball crosses B’s goal and goes out of bounds beyond the endline. The correct ruling is a touchback.
Same play as above, however in this instance the ball strikes the pylon and bounces back into the field of play. After the bounce, A50 recovers the fumble in the field of play. In this instance, since the ball hit the pylon and bounced back, the ball belongs to A at the spot of recovery.
B20 intercepts a pass at the B4 and his momentum carries him into the endzone where he is tackled. The correct ruling is a safety.
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