2021 Whittier Alliance Board of Directors Appointment Candidate Application: Eligibility Confirmation & Optional Questionnaire
We are so glad you are part of the Whittier neighborhood. Thank you for your interest in sharing your time and talents through service on the Whittier Alliance (WA) Board of Directors! Please read all information carefully.

Before you complete this form, please take some time to review the WA Board Candidate Info Sheet and WA Board of Directors Job Description & Responsibilities: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DiyzLAPHrN_sXPJLDoQzoXu-fG2BqTIDvp_a_63BR1w/edit

As you move through this form, please reach out to the kaley@whittieralliance.org or 612-871-7756 if you need any assistance. Paper or digital PDF forms (non-editable) are available upon request.

There are five parts of the board application:
- Your Membership Info
- Membership Confirmation/Registration
- WA Engagement within 12 months of Annual Meeting Confirmation
- Board Seat Interest
- Optional Questionnaire

Your name, the Board seat you are seeking, and any answers provided in the Questionnaire section will be used by the Nominations Committee to select the candidates for recommendation to the full Whittier Alliance Board to appoint at the August 26th Whittier Alliance Board meeting. Information shared will also be used in digital communications to stakeholders about the newly appointed members of the organization's leadership.
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