Battery Load Test Request
Use this form to request to test a battery at the AARC RSOC Battery Lab. Please note that there may be a considerable backlog so please be patient. You will need to provide all requested information in order to proceed with any test. Please note that the largest capacity battery we are able to test with our current equipment under a "20 hour test" is 166.67 Ah.
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For example, "Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery", etc.
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Capacity(ies) / Rate(s) *
Some batteries will have one or more ratings. For example, you might have: 125 AH @ 10 HR Rate and 120 AH @ 8 HR Rate
Battery Serial Number (if any)
Link (URL) for Battery Spec Sheet
The battery spec sheet is REQUIRED in order to proceed with any battery test. It is your responsibility to locate the spec sheet for the battery in question. If none is available, you'll need to coordinate directly with Dave Webb.
Additional Comments
Enter additional pertinent comments here. If you have been unable to locate the battery spec sheet online, but have a hard copy of that spec sheet, note it here.
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