Materials Distribution Form
This form records what happened during one Mass Materials Distribution Event or Personal Materials Distribution. It does not record materials distribution that happened during rallies or witnessing days.
Before you fill out this form, make sure you fill out the corresponding worksheet in your Campus Records Booklet.
Submit this form by the Sunday after the event.
Who collected this information? *
Give the first and last name of the person who collected all of this information, who we can contact if we have further questions.
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Encouraging Story
Did you see or hear about God working in a special way through this materials distribution? If so, please share the story so we can celebrate how God worked with the NSP community.
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Chapter Association *
What NSP chapter or HomeTown Trip mentors this school? *Don't see your chapter? Email Ben ( and he will add it!*
School *
At what school did this materials distribution event take place? *Don't see your school? Email Ben ( and he will add it!*
Date *
When did this distribution take place? Or, if it lasted multiple days, write the date that it began.
Type of Materials Distribution
What type of materials distribution took place?
Time of Day
At what time of day did the students distribute materials? This question only applies for a mass materials distribution event. You can mark more than one option.
Lifebook Distribution
How many Lifebooks were distributed?
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Gospel Booklet Distribution
How many gospel booklets were distributed?
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Gospel of John Distribution
How many gospels of John (not including Lifebooks) were distributed?
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New Testament and Bible Distribution
How many New Testaments and Bibles were distributed?
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Types of Other Material Distribution
What other kinds of materials were distributed? If more than one was used, separate by commas.
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Other Material Distribution
How many other pieces of material were distributed?
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Names of Students Distributing Materials
List the first and last names of students who distributed materials. Separate their names by commas.
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# of Students Distributing Materials
How many students distributed materials?
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