Species Conservation Planning Tool Submission Form
Species conservation planning practitioners are encouraged to submit tools to be included in the IUCN SSC Species Conservation Planning Tools Library. Please fill out and submit this form to propose an addition to the library. CPSG will contact you after we have had a chance to review the submission.

For example tool descriptions see http://www.cpsg.org/population-viability-analysis or http://www.cpsg.org/stakeholder-prioritization-tool.

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Please provide a short, 1-2 sentence summary describing the tool (this description will appear when a user hovers the mouse over the tool's title in the Planning Tools Index: http://www.cpsg.org/abruzzi-table-1-planning-tools-index)
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Reference *
Please include a citation from the published literature or a website link to a more detailed description of the tool itself and where it can be obtained. This should not be a case study – these are housed elsewhere in the template.
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Conservation planning step(s) when this would be used *
Please indicate to which of the step(s) in the Species Conservation Planning Cycle this tool is most usefully applied. (http://www.cbsg.org/species-conservation-planning-cycle)
Description of tool use *
Please provide a description of how the tool works and/or how it can be used in the conservation planning context. If the tool is part of a suite of tools commonly used together, please describe that suite here (e.g. the Miradi tool suite).
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Experience and expertise required to use the tool *
A brief description of the types of experience/expertise needed to use the tool effectively.
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Is this tool suited to use in situations where there will be little specialist expertise in this area? *
Data requirements
A description of the types of data required for tool operation. See examples of this in tool descriptions at links above. If not applicable, leave blank or simply write "NA".
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Is this tool suitable to use in situations where there will be few data available? *
Costs *
Provide a general sense of the costs involved – whether likely to run to 10s, 100s, 1000s or 10,000s of US$. Ideally, the purchase cost of the tool would be estimated separately from the cost of any specialist expertise, and from any other costs.
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Is this tool suited to use in situations where there will be few financial resources? *
Is this tool suited to use in a process which will aim to consider multiple species or taxa at the same time? *
Strengths and weaknesses *
Please describe the tool’s advantages / situations where the tool is especially effective, as well as limitations/common pitfalls and when to interpret the results with caution.
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Case Study *
References and links to case studies that illustrate the use of the tool in conservation planning or, if not available, case studies for other situations from which extrapolation to conservation planning would be possible.
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Tool Type *
Is the tool used primarily for visualizing information, assembling information, analyzing information, or facilitating a group of participants through a planning process?
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Refers to the information used in or derived from the tool.
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Do you have any comments, suggestions, or questions regarding the tools library?
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