Preschool/Kindergarten Parent Survey - 2020-2021
Please complete the following survey no later than August 5th. Your responses in this survey will serve as an acknowledgement of your preferred learning option and will be used to schedule your child from September - November 2020. If you do not complete the survey by August 5, we will automatically assign your child to either cohort A (Monday/Tuesday and every other Wednesday) or cohort B (Thursday/Friday and every other Wednesday) of the hybrid model. As part of the hybrid model, there will be remote instruction on the days that your child does not attend school in person.
NOTE: If you have more than one child in Thomas Richards, please complete a separate survey for each child.
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Given the current guidelines, social distancing requirements, and a shift to a hybrid model, are you planning to send your child back to school in September? *
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Due to social distancing requirements, children will be required to wear masks on the bus to/from school. Please indicate your preference below, as this will enable us to plan bus routes more effectively. (Note: Based on seat capacity, it is possible that there will be 2 students per seat on each bus.) *
FOR PARENTS OF STUDENTS WITH AN IEP: In order to provide your child with the fully remote or hybrid option, it is possible your child's IEP may need to be amended. Are you willing to have your child's IEP amended as needed to better meet his/her needs in either the fully remote or hybrid program?
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