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ATTENTION BUYERS: BE AWARE OF WIRE FRAUD! Do not wire funds for your closing without first verifying the wire instructions with your Escrow Officer by callling 305-271-0100 prior to sending funds. If you receive an email/fax/text from us containing wire instructions call our office to verify. Failure to do so can result in loss of your funds. *
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If Buyer #1 and Buyer #2 are NOT married to each other, how would you like to take title?
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SINGLE FAMILY HOMES CASH BUYERS ONLY: Cash transactions do not require a survey. We do recommend a survey. Do you want a survey?
Will ALL the buyers be physically present at our office for the closing? *
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Do you foresee any of the buyers needing someone else to sign for them at the closing ? (Power of Attorney) *
Is there a Condo /Homeowner Association? *
If CONDO/HOA exists, have you applied for your condo/HOA approval? *
Do you have a realtor? *
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In order to close your transaction you will need a title search, a municipal lien search ( checks for municipal/water liens, open permits, code violations), a survey and an estoppel letter from the condo or homeowner’s association (when applicable). Please note that once these are ordered, we will incur charges from third parties. These are normally paid at closing, but if the buyer or seller cancels the transaction for any reason the buyer hereby authorizes The Closing Company, Inc. to deduct these out of pocket costs from the escrow deposit. If the buyer cancels the contract without cause, our gross title revenue and costs will be deducted from the escrow deposit or full payment is due within 3 business days after a demand is made. *
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