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ATTN ALL CASH BUYERS OF SINGLE FAMILY HOME/VACANT LAND ONLY: Cash buyers are NOT required to order a survey. We strongly recommend a survey . A survey outlines the property boundaries and encroachments/easements of the property. Buyers choosing to waive their survey will sign a hold harmless agreement at closing and release our company of responsibility for survey issues. Do you want a survey?
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Cancellation Policy: Buyer and Seller acknowledge that Closing Agent may incur certain 3rd party costs while processing this transaction which must be paid prior to Closing. Closing Agent is authorized and instructed to release funds for payment of such costs from funds deposited into Escrow by Buyer if the file cancels for any reason. Such funds are non-refundable, and Closing Agent is released from any liability for payment of any such funds pre-released through the Escrow. Closing Agent is authorized to charge the appropriate party for costs incurred, or credit the appropriate party for credits, as applicable at Closing or upon termination of this Agreement. With the exception of a loan denial or force majeure, if the buyer or seller cancels this transaction or switches title companies without cause, the client agrees to pay The Closing Company, Inc. liquidated damages of $2,000.00. The payment is due within 3 business days of the demand letter. *
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