The Values Inventory
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Life is about choices and values. Our values reflect the things that matter the most to us. When we live our best life and our most authentic life, it is usually lived from our values. Our values are an important part of the decision process and really define who we are as people.
Think of things people cannot stop you from doing.
List several characteristics of when you were at your best (could be over the past two decades). In other words, you were living your best self out of your values.
If you were leaving a list of the top values required for a successful and full life for future generations of young people to read, what would they include?
What do you value? (see list below)
Accuracy Achievement Adventure
Aesthetics Artistic Expression Authenticity
Balance Challenge Commitment
Compassion Competency Competition
Conformity Contribution Control
Cooperation Creativity Dependability
Duty Efficiency Faithfulness
Fairness Family Favor
Flexibility Financially Secure Friendship
Fulfillment Generosity Happiness
Hard Work Honesty Humor
Independence Influence Integrity
Leisure Love Loyalty
Nature Organization Peace
Perseverance Prestige Prosperity
Power Relationships Reputation
Responsibility Safety Security
Self-Respect Service Success
Teamwork Tolerance Tradition Variety
Summarize Core Values: Now go back and think about your top Five values. These are your core values. List your Five top values.
You can literally take your core values list and use them as a guide in your decision making process. Your values become a guide for what you say “yes” to and what you say “no” to. A life that is in sync is a life that makes decisions consistent with one’s core values.
Would outsiders or friends guess what your top values are based on your lifestyle?
When you take a look at your daily and weekly activities, how do they reflect or conflict with your values? What changes do you need to make to live your life in concert with your core values?
How does looking at values change some priorities for you in regards to work, family, friends and even your faith?
Where do I need to grow and stretch as an individual? What new values do I need to attain?
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