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E2 is meeting with lawmakers and policymakers in Washington DC and across the country in our work advocating for economic stimulus policies designed to get America back to work and rebuilding a clean economy – but we need your help. Please take a moment to tell us how your company/industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 and economic crises to help us inform lawmakers.

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How many employees did your company have before COVID-19?
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How many employees at your company have lost their jobs or have been furloughed since the COVID-19 crisis began?
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What are the immediate business challenges your company is facing because of COVID-19? Please be as specific as possible to paint a picture of the impact. (Examples might be layoffs, contract cancellations, project access problems.)
What impact has the pandemic had specifically on supply chains?
If you know of a direct impact on one or more of your suppliers, could you provide us with an introduction to your contacts at those companies so that we can obtain their stories as well?
Please describe the challenges your industry will face AFTER isolation phase of COVID-19 ends? (Examples might be lack of state funding for energy upgrades, permit or supply delays, breakdown in investor confidence.)
What type of stimulus help do you need and why? Please provide specific programs or mechanisms and why they are important. The federal stimulus package that just passed included Small Business Administration loans. If this is not enough support for your situation, please include why that’s the case.
Is there anything else you would like to say about your first-hand experience and what the response should be to the COVID-19 crisis?
Can we use your story and name in public materials and communications to policymakers?
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Would you be interested in participating in a virtual meeting with your lawmaker to ensure policymakers understand your business’s difficulties and to advocate support for the clean energy economy during this crisis?
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