IndabaX 2020 Proposal
A Deep Learning IndabaX is a locally-organised Indaba that helps ensure that knowledge and capacity in machine learning is spread more widely.

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Email *
Name of Primary Organiser/Contact *
Email address of primary organiser *
Host country *
We are aiming to support one application per country, so please try coordinate with other potential organisers in your area.
IndabaX Host University *
Your IndabaX must be held at a local university. This means you need the support of a university lecturer or faculty member who will help to receive and spend the funds. This is needed since it greatly simplifies the process of international funds transfer between countries (through registered organisations, such as universities).
Organising Team
Any types of teams can apply, although we recommend multiple organisers. Please list at least one other organiser below.

List other members of your organising team, their email addresses, and their affiliations *
Do you agree to use the Indaba's code of conduct? *
Please read the code of conduct at
Has your country held an IndabaX previously? If so, tell us how you have been in contact with the previous organisers. *
If there are multiple applications from your country, we encourage you to merge. We cannot support more than one IndabaX per country, and a merged event will have a higher potential to reach more people.
Details of your IndabaX
A description of your IndabaX, and the format it will take.

Start Date for your IndabaX *
Give the date of the first day of your IndabaX.
Describe the format of your event. How many days will it last? Will it contain practicals and tutorials? Try give a rough idea of what the programme will look like. *
More details can be added as an attachment at the end of this form.
Do you have any speakers in mind? If so, list them and say whether you have already discussed this with them or if they have confirmed. *
How many attendees are you planning for? *
An IndabaX does not need to be big, it can be 10 people or 100 people. Anything that helps strengthen your local machine learning community. If you are in a region with other universities and centres, we encourage you to work with each other to create a critical mass in your region, and submit a joint proposal. We are more likely to fund these events.
How will you advertise the event? *
Try to be as inclusive as possible. Reach out to interested first year undergraduates, and senior professors, and from different institutions. Try reach out to local businesses and startups. Spark the spirit of the Indaba in them all.
How will you ensure attendee diversity at your event? *
Be mindful of the need for greater diversity in organisers, speakers and participants; one of the Indaba’s core principles. In particular comment on the ways that you will increase the participation of women. We encourage every IndabaX to work towards having at least 35% female participation.
Help us understand why it's important to host an IndabaX in your country.
Why is it important to organise an IndabaX in your area? *
Help us understand why you think it’s important to organise a local IndabaX where you are, and what outcomes you hope to achieve. If you organised an IndabaX in 2018, tell us how things have changed, what you have learnt, and how you will improve.
Was there an IndabaX in your country in 2018 or 2019? *
If yes, what have you learned from this previous experience, and how can you improve the event? Are you working with the other organisers of that event?
Required Support
Tell us in what ways the Indaba can support you.
What is the total amount of financial support you require (in ZAR)? *
Apply for amounts that support the scope and scale of your IndabaX. We have a limited total budget, so we don’t expect to support any single event with more than ZAR 25,000. This is so we can try to support as many local groups as possible. Preference will be given to groups that collaborate and co-locate their meetings across institutions.
Motivate how you will use this with a detailed budget. *
Funding can be requested for any need, e.g., budget to support coffee breaks or meals, to fund travel, cloud computing, meeting space, etc. Apply for an amount that supports the scope and scale of your IndabaX. More details can be added as an attachment at the end of this form.
What other support would you need from the Indaba Committee?
Would you need help with speaker suggestions, connecting you to speakers, advice on different activities, general advice of practicals, additional resource suggestions?
List other sponsors you have approached and are planning to approach, with the amount of support from each. *
You are strongly encouraged to seek additional sponsors for your meeting. Include details of any support that you will receive from local institutions (your research group, department or university) or outside funding. We encourage everyone to seek additional support, where possible, since this means we can support more local IndabaX events at other locations.
Other comments
Would you like to share anything else with us, about the IndabaX, or other parts of the Indaba's work in strengthening African machine learning?
Anything else you would like to share?
[Optional] Additional File
If there is a file you'd like to upload (with a table of your budget, programme outline, or other additional material and details), please share a link to that file from google drive or dropbox. Make sure you set the sharing permissions so we can view and download them.
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