Post-Pandemic Survey
This has been a challenging year, but we're looking ahead with confidence to the time when we can fully reopen and welcome everyone back to Mass. We've missed you!
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Please share a little about your experience these past 12 months
How are you and your family doing?
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Did you lose a loved one during the pandemic?
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If you answered YES to the above question, would you like to share their names with us so we can pray for them?
Did you or a loved one lose a job or income due to the pandemic?
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Did you find any of our outreach/programs helpful these past few months? (Check all that apply)
Did you have to postpone or change plans for a sacrament or rite at the parish because of the pandemic? (Check all that apply)
If you checked one of the boxes above, can we contact you to discuss and offer our assistance?
What are your plans for coming back to Mass?
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What concerns, if any, would keep you from coming back to Mass?
Will you be participating in our livestreamed Masses until you resume attending in-person?
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Which ministries and programs are you interested in once they resume? (Select all that apply)
As we plan for a series of Reignite & Reunite activities at our parish, which activities are most appealing to you and your family?
Would you/your family be willing to volunteer to help with the Reignite & Reunite activities?
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