Global Pioneering School (GPS) Application
Thank you for your interest in Surfing The Nations' Global Pioneering School (GPS)!

Perquisites are as follows:

-Completion of Internship & LTP (formerly known as SLS) from ANY year
-Recommendation from current base executive director or most recent STN leader
-No debt to Surfing The Nations
-On your way toward $1,000 per month minimum in monthly personal support

If you qualify, please continue in completing the application process.

We hope to make your application process as simple as possible and have broken it down into 3 simple steps.

STEP 1 - Recommendation
Get verbal recommendation from Tom and Cindy Bauer or Robert and Gisele McDaniel.

STEP 2 - Application
Fill in all information on this form (including medical history, emergency contacts, liability releases, termination of involvement, financial responsibility, and policies agreement) and submit online.

STEP 3 - Pay Fees
Pay your application fee of $25.

Please note:
This application form when filled in thoroughly should take approximately 30 minutes to complete and cannot be stored/saved and filled in later. Please plan accordingly when completing your application.

The full acceptance process takes approximately two weeks. We do not begin processing until application and payment are received, including a digital photograph of yourself.

Please note that you are to bring a laptop and/or Ipad with keypad.

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Person who recommended you *
First and last name
Which internship did you complete? *
I.e. Fall 2014
Which LTP (formerly SLS) did you complete? *
I.e. Spring 2015 and SLS Leader
How long were you on staff? *
Which positions did you hold during your time at STN? *
Marketing director, operations coordinator, etc.
What is your DISC profile?
D, I, S, C or a combination? If unsure, skip to next question.
What are your strengths?
Via Strengthsquest. If unsure, skip to next question.
What first attracted you to STN? *
What kept you there/what brought you back? *
Which part of the Thruster Model are you interested in pioneering internationally? *
What is your reason for applying to GPS? *
What characteristics and/or culture do you want to bring to other nations? *
What are your long term dreams/goals for living internationally? *
What skills are you hoping to learn in GPS? *
Are you committed to taking on a heavy course load and a lot of critical thinking? *
Do you have the ability to hand over your job responsibilities to another individual during GPS? (current staff) *
Do you have at least $1000 in monthly support? *
Are you financially able to afford GPS at this time? *
If not, what is your plan of action to get you to be financially able?
Are you interested in an opportunity to do an international scouting trip? *
Is there anything that would prohibit you from fully participating in the program? *
I.e., Medical, physical, emotional limitations.
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